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Fires, fights and a prang

Monday, 20th March, 2017

Police yesterday said the crowds of the big events in the city were well behaved, but unrelated incidents marred an otherwise trouble-free weekend for emergency services.

Police will continue to investigate a brawl at the Musician’s Club about 1.30am Saturday after receiving conflicting reports about what happened.

About six men were involved in the fight in the poker machine section of the club, and police had to taser one of the aggressors, a 27-year-old man, outside the venue to avoid further conflict.

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Drink drove ‘devil’

Friday, 17th March, 2017

A Broken Hill man terrorised an elderly couple in Wentworth by making bizarre threats and driving his car at them in their own home, the District Court heard yesterday.

The man screamed abuse at the 71-year-old man and his wife, and told them he was a “Barkindji warrior” and “the devil” before revving up his car and driving at their pet dog, then reversing and driving at the man. 

Anzac Brian Sullivan (34) said that he was drunk and on drugs at the time of the incident in September last year and could not remember exactly what he had done.

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Fuel thefts ‘coincidence’

Monday, 13th May, 2013

Two incidents where petrol was stolen from the Woolworths Petrol Station within half an hour on Friday appear to be unrelated.
According to police, a driver drove off without paying after pumping $45 worth of fuel.
Shortly after, another driver allegedly stole $78 worth from the same station.
The cars were not caught out by CCTV cameras because of the angle they were parked, police said.
A spokesman said that the description of the cars is “extremely vague” and police are not hopeful for witnesses as it was “very busy and people usually mind their own business.”
The spokesman said that while it was unusual for two thefts in such a short space of time, the incidents appeared to be unrelated.
“We don’t usually have a lot of petrol theft here, it is usually more of the accidental type where people forget to pay.
“It’s something that happens more in the capital cities.”
Anyone who takes fuel without paying faces a $250 infringement notice on the spot.
The person could also be charged with stealing.

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Suspended sentence

Tuesday, 15th May, 2012

A local woman charged with stealing almost $160,000 from a motel where she worked has received a lengthy suspended sentence.

Nicole Lea Robson (28) stole the money between April 2010 and May 2011 whilst employed as a receptionist at the Comfort Inn Hilltop Motel in Kaolin Street.

Ms Robson was charged in June last year with six counts of stealing property as a clerk.

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Woman ‘robbed’ and assaulted

Wednesday, 22nd February, 2012

A woman was allegedly assaulted and robbed yesterday morning as she was going to the bank to deposit the takings from a business.

The incident reportedly happened about 11.15am when the 29-year-old woman parked her car in Blende Street between Oxide and Delamore streets.

A man described as thin and of Aboriginal appearance came up and opened the passenger side door and reached for her handbag, police said.  

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