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Order a classified Ad

Classifieds ordered online will be shown in the print edition of the BDT for the requested duration beginning at the selected start date, provided that it is lodged before the deadline. Cancellations must be made prior to publication deadline.

Publication schedule

  • Monday: lodge before Saturday, 11:00 AM
  • Tuesday: lodge before Monday, 4:00 PM
  • Wednesday: lodge before Tuesday, 4:00 PM
  • Thursday: lodge before Wednesday, 4:00 PM
  • Friday: lodge before Thursday, 4:00 PM
  • Saturday: lodge before Friday, 4:00 PM

Note: we allow for some leniency with the lodgement deadline for funeral, death, and lost notices. In these special cases, the lodgement deadline is 4:30PM weekdays, and 11:30AM Saturdays. This does not apply to general classified advertisements.

Pricing info

Classified advertisements in the Barrier Daily Truth cost 23 dollars per day for 20 words. Each word over the included limit costs $1.15. As a bonus to customers, for every two consecutive days you get one extra day absolutely free of charge!

Please Note

Advertisements with borders and pictures (e.g. birthday notices with pictures, death notices with borders) are display advertisements, not classified ads. You will need to phone us on 08 8087 2354, or visit the office at 179 Blende Street. Unfortunately there are too many options for these advertisements, and we can not realistically show the exact sizes of these advertisements on the website due to the nature of computer screens. We have a number of borders, as well as other options that our helpful staff will need to discuss with you.

You can use abbreviations to lower the price. Ads without correct spacing will be declined. For Example:

  • "1st Nov 2008" would be counted as 3 words, but "1/11/08" is counted as 1 word.
  • "08 8087 2354" counts it at 3 words, but "08-8087-2354" would be counted as 1 word.
  • "9 meters x 5 meters" would be counted as 5 words, where "9m x 5m" is counted as 3 words.
  • "0427 068 951" is counted as 3 words, where "0427068951" would be counted as 1 word.
  • Classified ads are reviewed by staff before your card is debited. If an advertisement is ordered here that has no spacing between words, we will cancel the order. i.e:
  • New lines are treated as spaces, and classified ads which contain new lines will be printed with spaces instead of new lines.

Customers selling a registered vehicle, trailer or caravan must declare the registration number, or VIN/Chassis Number, as it is requested by Law.

Order an ad

Total days: 1 (Rate includes 1 days plus 0 bonus days)

Words: 0 Total running days: 1 Cost: $23.00
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