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Thanks for your wonderful support

Thursday, 20th September, 2018

Danny O’Connor, BIC President Danny O’Connor, BIC President

By Danny OConnor

After 13 years as BIC President I have decided on a “sea change” and will, therefore, be leaving Broken Hill. With that decision, I will also be resigning as BIC President in October.

The position of acting President, until the elections in January, will be BHTEU Secretary, Rosslyn Ferry. I not only want to congratulate Ros for taking on that position, but I also want to congratulate her for being the first female President.

First of all I wish to thank the BIC “team” and past delegates with whom I have had the pleasure of working with over the years and to acknowledge the considerable time and effort they have put in for their members.

To the Trades Hall administration assistants/office managers over my 13 years, Sloane, Teena, Joanie and Theresa thank you for all you have done to ensure the smooth running of the BIC.

I also want to thank the people of Broken Hill for their wonderful support.

It is indeed a very special place and a place I shall never forget. Broken Hill is a place that that you grow to love very quickly and that is because it comes down to the people who live here.

I have been given opportunities here that I would not have been given elsewhere and I am very grateful for that. Whether it be as President of the BIC, Chairman of the BDT board or working on radio and meeting some great personalities.

I must not forget to thank all the golfers (especially the Vets) who I have played golf with at the Broken Hill golf course.

Thank you Broken Hill for such wonderful memories which I will never forget.


Danny O’Connor

BIC President

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