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Joey women dominate

Monday, 24th September, 2018

St Joes took out the Women’s Grand Final 3-0. PICTURE: Myles Burt St Joes took out the Women’s Grand Final 3-0. PICTURE: Myles Burt

By Myles Burt

St Joes ran away with the title as they defeated West 3-0 in the Women’s Soccer Grand Final.

West had a few lucky runs while St Joes put up a heavy attacking stance during the first half.

Even with West having the kick-off, St Joes were already at their heels and attempting to put the ball in the back of the net.

The first two goals of the game was scored by St Joes Captain Jessie Rudge, gaining an upper hand on West from a penalty.

The second half was no different for St Joes as they played intensely throughout the whole game.

Emma Hocking ripped through and scored the second goal of the game for the Joey’s halfway through the second half.

Joey’s Stevie Robinson was dangerous with the ball as she set up multiple plays in the box and constantly put the pressure on West.

Jessie Rudge and Bree Maguire were very effective as they contested the midfield for St Joes.

West’s Sabina Brown and Jasmine Mitchell held their positions well, taking on players and coming out best for the ball.

Rebecca Deer proved a strong player for West, as she maintained good pressure against St Joes in the goal square.

St Joes’ Captain Jessie Rudge took out the Player of the Final trophy.




St Joes goal scorers: Jessie Rudge - 2, Emma Hocking - 1

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