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Wednesday, 3rd October, 2018

Plans for the new cinema development will see more theatres and a Gold Class area. Plans for the new cinema development will see more theatres and a Gold Class area.

By Emily Roberts

The Silver City Cinema has released plans for a two-stage redevelopment of its entertainment complex in Oxide Street.

The cinema’s Ashton Wren and his father John yesterday announced the plans for a multiplex cinema. 

“Stage one is to build a 100-seat cinema and a 20-seat Gold Class cinema,” Ashton said.

“The Gold Class cinema will be available for private screenings as well as being open to the public.

“Stage two is to chop the big cinema in half later down the track as this construction is the costliest as to the size of our theatre sound proofing, cinema equipment, etc.”

He said the second stage would take place a few years down the track, but the aim is to split the cinema in half.

“We aim to be a five-screen complex, it will be a lot of work.”

Ashton said the main reason they are pushing for a redesign is expense.

“We must do this to survive in this environment of huge cost; mainly electricity.

“So due to our huge electricity cost we will shut the big screen down from Monday to Friday but all three will be open weekends, school holidays and public holidays.

“The two little cinemas will continue to operate as they will be cost effective.

“More people will have the opportunity to see eight to ten different movies, at different times day or night.

“The whole complex will still have Johnny’s charm, we’ve made it so he can still be there.

“We have not received any funding from local, state or federal government, we are doing this off our own back.”

They have a building company and an architecture firm hired to do the work.

“CPM Construction Mildura will be handling the building, they will be sub-contracting local tradesmen to help with the build.

“CPM have built cinemas in Victoria and South Australia and are very knowledgeable.

“GSD Architects Mildura have provided the expertise for our cinema designs with drawn-up plans for our huge revamp.

“It’s taken us over 12 months to get the plans right.”

Ashton said they are just waiting on advice from City Council before submitting the development application.

“We are now waiting for local town planners to provide advice to our architect before the full DA is submitted,” he said.

“We are hoping to start construction May 2019.

“We could not have done this without the help of the public with the fundraising of our chair lift.

“As we have all worked hard to save, we are proud to say the cinema is debt free so we are currently negotiating with local banks and they have been extremely helpful.”

He said there will be disabled access, toilets up and downstairs and ramps.

Ashton said they had kept the news under wraps until the final plans were developed.

“Another positive is that we won’t shut down while this is happening.

“We will still be able to operate the big theatre.

“We’re doing this to show we’ve still got faith in the town, there are lots of prospects.”

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