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Manage creativity and all that jazz

Thursday, 4th October, 2018

By Callum Marshall

Two free workshops about creative business management, tips and marketing strategy will be run at the Civic Centre tomorrow.

Monica Davidson, a business consultant for Creative + Business, will be delivering a morning workshop on the Top Ten Tips for managing a Creative Business and an afternoon workshop on Marketing Strategies for Creative Businesses.

She said the workshops would be a fun, quick way to learn about important business and marketing information for those not usually interested in it. 

“Top Ten Tips addresses all of the places in which a creative practitioner might quit the idea of freelancing or running their own business,” she said.

“Things which I experienced in my own practice as a filmmaker and writer and also what others I’ve been working with have been experiencing.

“A lot of the time people feel the hurdle they’ve encountered has only affected them, when actually everyone’s been affected by it. 

“So the Top Ten Tips is my really fast, quick, fun way of talking about all those things. 

“Marketing strategy then builds on the marketing element of it, which is another bug-bear for a lot of creative people. 

“That’s an afternoon of thrilling, exciting stuff like social media and strategy, but it’s all necessary and I do try to make it fun.”

Monica said she began running the workshops in 1996 following unsatisfying experiences at the ones she attended.

“So I started freelancing in the 80s, when I began working as a freelance journalist and then as a filmmaker,” she said.  

“When I started my first production business I realised that I knew absolutely nothing. I knew about filmmaking and writing but I didn’t know anything about running a small business.

“So I went and did some small business workshops and I found that they were really not for me. There was nothing wrong with them, it was just that business is a foreign language for artists. 

“It was like going to an Italian class where everybody was speaking Italian and I had no idea what was going on. 

“Eventually I learned how to ‘speak business’ and started being asked for help. I enjoy sharing what I know, so the whole thing started off very informally in 1996. 

“Twenty two years I’ve been sharing this information with other people. That was the beginning of Top Ten Tips and then Marketing Strategy grew out of a demand from people that loved the Ten Tips but wanted a bit more (information) about marketing.”

Having done the workshops all around the country but never in Broken Hill, Monica’s trip has come at the request of City Council and local creative practitioners and is sponsored by NSW Government through a $5,000 grant to Council.

“Council asked me to come because they said there was such a need for what we’d be doing here and (that) there’s lots of creative people and thriving entrepreneurships, art galleries and screen things going on within the town,” she said.

“It really seems to be blossoming here but there hasn’t been a whole lot of support for the small business or entrepreneurial aspects of that.

“So hopefully we’ll get lots of people coming to the workshops on Friday and then I’ll be able to come back next year with a whole bunch more.”

For those still undecided about going, Monica said the workshops would be easy-going and enjoyable as well as informative.

“I promise you’ll enjoy yourself, you’ll learn something, you’ll meet other creative locals and it will help to alleviate some of your fears about business,” she said.

“It’s really practical, down-to-earth information shared in a way that creative people can understand. There’s lots of pictures, there’s lots of anecdotes, jokes, and all that.

“Whether you’re a curious hobbyist or an established professional, it’s going to be great for everyone.”

You can register to attend the workshops by visiting Council’s website and going to the event pages for each one. 


WHAT: Top Ten Tips For a Creative Business Workshop and Marketing Strategies for Creative Business Workshop

WHEN: Friday, October 5, 10am to 1pm for Top Ten Tips and 2pm to 5pm for Marketing Strategies

WHERE: Civic Centre

COST: Free


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