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Mates exploring great outdoors

Saturday, 6th October, 2018

Kellan Stenhouse, Oliver Molesworth and Corey Stenhouse of Weekend Therapy 4x4. PICTURE: Supplied Kellan Stenhouse, Oliver Molesworth and Corey Stenhouse of Weekend Therapy 4x4. PICTURE: Supplied

By Callum Marshall

Three mates from Broken Hill are highlighting the value of exploring the great outdoors thanks to an online show they’ve been running for almost two years.

Weekend Therapy 4x4 is run by Corey Stenhouse, Kellan Stenhouse and Oliver Molesworth on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, and sees the three of them exploring the country in their 4x4s, sometimes with fans of the page.

Corey said they developed the idea during a trip in the Victorian High Country early last year.

“We wanted to share the adventures we were having in the hope it would inspire others to do the same,” he said.

“A Facebook page was made and within months we had thousands of like-minded travellers sharing their stories too.

“So, Weekend Therapy 4x4 is all about getting outdoors and being adventurous with your family and mates. It’s also about detaching yourself from (the) screens and exploring this stunningly diverse country. 

“We believe just by taking a break and reconnecting with nature, alongside the special people in your life, that it provides good therapy to anxiety, stress, sleep deprivation and all of that.”

Having already brought along some of the page’s fans through the Blue Mountains, Corey said local fans could get involved for future trips if they wanted to.

“We really enjoy involving fans and want to bring some along on future trips,” he said.

“We think Broken Hill has everything a 4x4 owner could ask for. It has sand, rocky hills, wildlife and open horizons as well as some awesome outback pubs.

“Recently, we put (out) a call on our Facebook page for people to join us on a Blue Mountains adventure and the feedback was crazy. We ended up receiving almost 200 submissions.”

Corey said there were a lot of great trips out in Far West NSW as well as in Central Australia and Northern Queensland.

“One trip I would recommend to everyone in the area is Cameron Corner and then onto the Simpson Desert, it’s just about as remote as it gets. It’s the ultimate escape,” he said.

“While you’re out there, stop in at the Birdsville Bakery and try one of their camel pies, it’s our favourite.

“Also, last year we took part in the Eldee Station Easter Event and it was an absolute cracker. The days are full of fun, and the event is extremely well organised.

“It’s right on Broken Hill’s doorstep and you can drive an obstacle course blindfolded, there’s an off-road gymkhana, scavenger hunts, as well as events for the kids. 

“But if you’ve got a serious thirst for adventure then the ultimate track is the Old Tele Track at Cape York, Far North Queensland. 

“There’s so many incredible sights there, from stark grassland country with towering anthills to tropical rainforest with wild rivers where crocodiles lurk.”

With a growing domestic and international audience that includes fans from the United Arab Emirates, India and the USA, Corey said the future was looking bright for Weekend Therapy 4x4.

“Kellan, Ollie and I have a vision of growing the WT4x4 community much further,” he said.

“We want Weekend Therapy 4x4 to be the first place you think to look when you’re heading outdoors, whether it be just a quick weekend getaway or something much longer.”

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