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Superclinic upsizes gym

Thursday, 11th October, 2018

GP Superclinic’s Rebecca McCormack, Courtney Hurley, Kelli King and Chantelle Grundy in the space for the Superclinic’s new gym. PICTURE: Callum Marshall GP Superclinic’s Rebecca McCormack, Courtney Hurley, Kelli King and Chantelle Grundy in the space for the Superclinic’s new gym. PICTURE: Callum Marshall

By Callum Marshall

A new gym at the GP Superclinic is almost complete with health professionals saying it’ll help cater to individuals with high-risk health issues as well as the general public.

The Superclinic, which already has a small gym, will be opening the newer, much larger one before the end of the year.

Courtney Hurley, PT at the Superclinic, said the gym would allow health professionals to assist a much larger number of people in the community who needed proper health assistance.

“At the moment we’re increasing our gym size so we can invite more clients and obviously get more people walking through the Centre,” she said.

“We’re more targeted at clients that have chronic diseases that need to be monitored more regularly as well as those who aren’t fully comfortable with a full gym environment.”

Dietician and Diabetes Educator at the Superclinic Chantelle Grundy said the new gym would help a lot of her clientele receive the right exercise treatment for their health issues.

“I see a lot of an older population. It’s often people that haven’t exercised for a while, people that need to lose quite a lot of weight especially for things like surgery,” she said.

“I run a weight management clinic, and as part of that there’s an option for people to attend Courtney’s classes and the gym and things like that.

“These are people that need extra input and ongoing motivation and accountability, and that’s what we can offer through this gym.”

The value of the newer, larger gym was further highlighted by physiotherapist at the Superclinic Jo Gulli, who said that, like Chantelle with her clients, she’d be able to pass on anyone who needed help to Courtney.

“From a physio perspective, it’s pretty much the same thing (that Chantelle described.). It’ll be people that need rehab post-surgery,” she said.

“It’ll be the older population that might need a little input in terms of their balance abilities and muscle strengthening.

“So if people get assessed by the physio and we feel that the gym would be a (good) option for them, then I can refer them on to Courtney to have them join the various exercise classes that we’ll hopefully be running.”

The combination of the bigger gym, the consultation between themselves and other medical staff and being located at the Superclinic, meant people would be receiving the right care in the right environment, said the health professionals. 

“It’s definitely more of a medical approach to exercise and weight loss than what any other gym in town would be offering, with doctors on board as well,” said Chantelle. 

“You’ll be exercising in a clinic so if anything goes wrong, not that we hope it does, it’ll be more monitored.”

“It’s for clients that’ll benefit from all three of us primarily and not just for diabetes. It’s for high-risk people such as those that are highly overweight,” added Courtney.

“But it’s (also) the other resources as well. So for older clients, we can send them off to get a bone-density scan who might be at risk of osteoporosis.

“It’s a very easy way to refer them onto things that they might benefit from.”

The gym, which will be located just opposite Temby’s Pharmacy in the side entrance to the Superclinic, will be accessed in a different ways depending on people’s health issues. 

“There’ll be an option for clientele that have been recommended to use the gym independently to access it themselves,” said Jo.

“But if we’re talking about the more at risk population, they will actually come in, check in through our reception and then come and see whichever health professional that they are needing to see. 

“Then we can direct them in as part of a supervised situation.”

“We’re also going to have a gym-based membership. It’ll most likely be a direct-debit (system) just like any other gym, so that’ll make it easier for people to access the gym whenever they want during our opening hours,” added Courtney.

“If they’re more able-bodied clients they can just come in and use the gym whenever.”

The staff say the gym is expected to be complete before Christmas.

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