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Hospital above average

Thursday, 18th October, 2018

Patients might be waiting longer in the Broken Hill Hospital’s Emergency Department but its performance was still better than the state average, the Bureau of Health Information data showed. 

The data revealed that the hospital recorded a 6.8 per cent drop in patients attending emergency overall, from 5,531 people to 5,154.

Yet there were more people going to the higher triage categories who required more urgent treatment. 

Ken Barnett, the Broken Hill Health Service General Manager, said yesterday that, overall, emergency was working well.

“Pleasingly, 89.2 per cent of patients left the Emergency Department (ED) within four hours of presentation, an increase from 88 per cent (compared to the same quarter last year) and well above the state average of 74 per cent,” Mr Barnett said.

Fewer people had arrived at the ED by ambulance, and those who did were transferred to emergency quicker compared to last year, rising to 98.2 per cent from 97.3 per cent. 

“This was a fantastic result for the hospital,” Mr Barnett said.

BH Hospital also did well with elective surgeries, with 95.2 per cent of patients receiving their surgery on time, although there were fewer done in the quarter due to a change in some visiting surgeons and coverage by anaesthetists. 

Mr Barnett said the issues had been addressed and the usual services had resumed.

The median waiting time for elective surgery categories were relatively stable and in line with similar hospitals, statewide, the data showed.

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