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Wayne Williams Prize

Tuesday, 30th October, 2018

President of the Art Exchange Gary Cook (left) thanks local artist Wayne Williams for donating the prize money towards the inaugural “Wayne Williams Art Prize.” PICTURE: Callum Marshall President of the Art Exchange Gary Cook (left) thanks local artist Wayne Williams for donating the prize money towards the inaugural “Wayne Williams Art Prize.” PICTURE: Callum Marshall

By Callum Marshall

An art competition for schoolkids has just begun at the Broken Hill Art Exchange.

“The Wayne Williams Prize” is looking for schoolkids to submit pencil drawings on A4 paper in either black and white or colour on the theme ‘Water’ or ‘Air.’ There’ll be two categories to enter into, one for Primary-age kids and another for Secondary.

President of the Art Exchange Gary Cook said the new prize would be running alongside their regular Water-Earth Desert Equinox City-wide Art Challenge.

“The Desert Earth Equinox is a regular exhibition and competition we hold which is a city-wide exhibition,” he said.

“But parallel to that, what we wanted to do was develop a prize just purely for school children. So we’ve sent out letters to all the schools and art teachers inviting the kids to submit (a piece).”

“What we’ll do is laminate (the pieces) at the Kitchen Gallery downstairs, the Kitchen Courtyard Heritage Gallery, (and) we’ll put their work on the walls up there and display it. 

“The judging and the announcement of prizes will happen on the twenty fourth of November which is a Saturday, and that will be in conjunction with the Desert Equinox prizes being announced as well.”

Wayne, who donated $100 for each prize, specialises in photo-realistic black and white drawings and hoped kids would get into the spirit of the event and see the value in drawing as an art form.

“For the prize, the pictures can be in colour but I (really) like seeing black and white drawings. Colour or not though, I just want to see if there are any kids in Broken Hill that can draw,” he said.

“If they want to come round (to the Gallery), I can show them shading and all that. They’re more than welcome to do that.”

“Drawing is probably the foundation of all other art. Getting that skill under their belt prepares them for painting, sculpture, for anything,” added Gary.

“People can sit and work their ideas out on pencil and paper and then work from there, so drawing is the essential skill.”

Entries will be on display at the Heritage Kitchen Gallery from November 3 to November 24, the day when the winners for the “Wayne Williams Art Prize” will be announced alongside the City-Wide Art Challenge. 

Those interested in participating are being asked to get their entries in as soon as possible so their drawings can be displayed for longer. 

Their name, date of birth, school and parent’s phone number should be written on the back of their submission and dropped off to the Broken Hill Art Exchange at the Grand by November 23rd.

The closing day event for the Wayne Williams Art prize and the Water-Earth Desert Equinox Art Challenge will begin at 11am on the 24th in Town Square and has been organised in conjunction with West Darling Arts. It will include food, drinks and live music and is open to everyone.

“The actual judging and prize-giving day will be a major event because we’re also going to be doing a promotion of a CD of Indigenous musical artists (called “Where Contemporary and Traditional Collide as One,”) said Gary.

Gary added that the opening day event originally scheduled for this Saturday would no longer be on due to the planned water protest organised by Council.

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