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Gym closure a “win” for ‘Y’

Tuesday, 6th November, 2018

(From left) YMCA area manager Shane Simmons and ESTR Personal Training Studios owner Trevor Williams. PICTURE: Myles Burt (From left) YMCA area manager Shane Simmons and ESTR Personal Training Studios owner Trevor Williams. PICTURE: Myles Burt

By Myles Burt

The bar has been lifted after the YMCA accepted a merger with ESTR Personal Training Studios. 

ESTR owner Trevor Williams, who announced online the closure of his business last weekend, has been negotiating over the last four months to take his members, staff and equipment to the YMCA.

“The reason I chose the YMCA was because it was a win for everyone,” Mr Williams said.

“It’s more to do with me spending more time with my family, my health and being able to offer the staff and members better services.

“It was a win for the staff, it was a win for the members and the YMCA values align with mine more so than any other gym in Broken Hill.

“That’s why I approached them first.”

YMCA area manager Shane Simmons said the ESTR merger was a unique opportunity  to attract a wider demographic.

“We said we’d be open to discussions into looking at how this could proceed, and over the last four months we’ve taken a fairly extensive due diligence process of assessing the business,” Mr Simmons said.

Mr Williams said it was a great way to fill certain gaps at the YMCA in areas such as CrossFit, powerlifting, body building and personal training.

“We’re going to be bringing over all our processes and the software that we can use for personal training.

“Because we hit a market the YMCA just haven’t done.

“The YMCA wouldn’t get our area unless we were going over with them.

“There would have to be some pretty big changes within the YMCA.”

For the YMCA, Mr Simmons said he had a “very strong following” in personal training, CrossFit and other functional type programs.

“It does attract and service quite a niche market in Broken Hill and we’re very excited to be merging those services across to the YMCA in January 2019.”

With all the new programs and new equipment now funnelling into the Wellness Centre, Mr Simmons said the YMCA will not propose to increase the membership fees when it launches in January.

“We’re looking to keep that consistent,” he said.

“But a huge win for YMCA members as they’ll have access to all of that.”

“On the flip side the ESTR members will have access to all the YMCA services including the Aquatic Centre and all our group fitness and virtual classes we’re looking to run from January next year.”

With ESTR holding over 250 members, Mr Williams said the merger will have very little effect on their members if they choose to cross over to the YMCA.

“Not much will change, everyone should transition over really easily,” he said.

“They’ll still have our equipment and if their trainers go over, they’ll still have their trainers at the same time too.

“Members and clients will actually be paying less, to tell you the truth.”

However, for legal reasons the staff will need to go through the the job application processes with the YMCA, including himself, said Mr Williams.

“I’d like to follow over to make sure the transition moves really well and I’d like to continue coaching the staff,” he said.

Mr Williams will be holding talks with Red Sand Yoga and Hammond Care who now rent spaces in the building. The Beryl Street building will be completely cleared and become a vacant space for rent.

“Basically, the YMCA has purchased our goodwill and the equipment. I’ll be keeping the building,” Mr Williams said.

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