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Water restrictions

Saturday, 1st December, 2018

Naomi Lardner watering her garden a day before water restrictions commence. PICTURE: Kelsie Mitchell Naomi Lardner watering her garden a day before water restrictions commence. PICTURE: Kelsie Mitchell

Broken Hill will go on Level 1 water restrictions today after no significant inflows to the Darling or local water catchment areas.

Treated water consumption has also moved above 16 megalitres per day for three consecutive days.

Head of Water Operations John Coffey said that although Essential Water was looking forward to the new supply from the Murray River from April next year, every effort was being made to ensure treated water quality remains high. 

He said tighter water restriction may be introduced during an extended period of drought.

Mr Coffey said those who breached the restrictions would be notified in writing.

“This is an issue affecting the community so we’d be grateful to see local residents embrace the Level 1 water restrictions during the ongoing drought conditions and heading into the warmer months,” he said. 

Restrictions will apply in Broken Hill, Menindee, Silverton and Sunset Strip.



* The use of domestic and public sprinklers, automatic watering systems and fixed or hand-held hoses for irrigation of gardens and lawns between 10am and 7pm.

* The washing of vehicles with fixed or hand-held hoses, other than to wet and rinse the vehicle with the use of a trigger hose. An exemption may be applied for where the cleaning of a vehicle is necessary either to avoid contamination or to ensure public safety. 

* The use of fixed or hand-held hoses to clean hard or paved surfaces including windows and building facades. An exemption may be applied for in relation to occupational health and safety issues for commercial, industrial or public areas. 

* The filling of an empty swimming pool, spa, pond, lake or other water body.

* The filling or topping up of a farm dam or tank. An exemption may be applied for where a dam or tank provides water for domestic or stock consumption or fire fighting. 

* The filling of mobile water tankers for any purpose other than a fire, public health or emergency situation. 

Exemptions may be applied for by contacting Essential Water on 13 23 91.

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