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Test in progress

Friday, 7th December, 2018

By Emily McInerney

Water that has been spotted along the Wentworth to Broken Hill pipeline route is part of its testing phase.

“Part of the standard testing procedure after a pipeline has been constructed is to hydrostatically test the pipeline, followed by flushing or dewatering, in preparation for operation,” said Glenn Pfluger of the W2BH Delivery team.

“An element of this is to also test and verify that air and scour valves are operating as designed. 

“Project crews are undertaking this testing in various locations along the pipeline route.” 

While the last of the 22,000 steel pipes has been laid, there is still work being done on the four pumping stations needed to transport up to 37.4 megalitres per day to the Mica Street Water Treatment Plant. 

Work also continues on the 720 megalitre bulk water storage dam, 25km south of Broken Hill. 

“The air and scour are what you can see from the road when travelling along the pipeline route,” Mr Pfluger said.

“The air valves allow for air to be released from the pipe at high points and scour valves allow for sediments to be released from the pipe at low points. 

“The valves are important for the ongoing operation and maintenance of the pipeline.”

Once operational this will ensure reliability of supply to Broken Hill during shutdowns and maintenance, said Mr Pfluger. 

Broken Hill is due to receive its water from the pipeline by April. 

“Works at the Mica Street Water Treatment facility are progressing well, with all mainline pipeline construction now complete and work now focusing on completion of the water storage tank and mechanical and electrical componentry required to operate this part of the pipeline,” Mr Pfluger said.

“A program of pipeline and mechanical and electrical component testing is already underway at various junctures of the pipeline, particularly at the four pump stations along the pipeline route. 

“Testing will continue over the coming months to ensure that all elements of the pipeline and pump stations are operating as designed, to ensure water delivery can commence in April.”

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