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Love rules: Sandra and Will

Friday, 7th December, 2018

Sandra and Will Evitts, were married fifty years ago today. PICTURE: Emily Ferguson Sandra and Will Evitts, were married fifty years ago today. PICTURE: Emily Ferguson

By Emily Ferguson

Sandra and Will Evitts were married fifty years ago today. From friends, skating and dance partners to life partners and still the best of friends.

The pair met at the Skating Rink in 1964 which was where they’d spend their Friday nights whizzing each other around.  

They’d attend stomp dances at the Musicians Club, bowling at the Legion Club, visit The Gipps and Silverton as well as their weekly trip to the skating rink.  

Sandra and Will were engaged on Sandra’s 21st birthday in June and were then married in the following December, on Saturday the 7th. 

“We went together for about a year or so and he proposed and we were only about 18 or so and I said ‘no I don’t think so, not yet, maybe wait a few more years’ so we waited until we were 21 and then it was talked about and we got engaged as a surprise for everyone on my 21st birthday” said Sandra. 

The couple were married at the Oxide Street Methodist Church and had their reception at the GUOOF Hall, with about 150 people. 

“On the day that we got married it was 38 degrees, all the jelly and cream melted on our cakes because it was so hot. So in 50 years it hasn’t really changed because it’s going to be 38 on our anniversary,” said Sandra.

“So no jelly cakes,” laughed Will. 

Sandra and Will have three children, Joanne (deceased), Jason and Nikki. They are also grandparents to three grandchildren, Sophie (11), Jack, (9) and Eliza (4). 

For the couple, their children, travels and virtually anytime shared is a special moment for them. “Having the babies would probably be the most stand out moments,” said Will.

“The most joyous,” said Sandra.

Their Christmas lights display is a stand out for the two of them, a tradition they have been doing for many years. 

Their many travels are some of the experiences they have enjoyed sharing. 

Since the pair has retired, every morning they share breakfast in bed; it has become somewhat of a retired-life tradition. 

Everything has gone fairly smoothly, they agreed.

“Fifty years is just odd, it’s a strange feeling,” said Sandra. “It’s just gone by, it’s been a day-to-day good life, and I think we’ve been very fortunate.”

“It’s like everybody though, we all have our ups and downs, not all the time things ran smoothly but the good times well outweigh the bad,” said Will. 

Sandra’s favourite thing about Will is how helpful he has always been with everything, especially when it came to the kids. 

Will is a huge fan of Sandra’s cooking and said overall it’s been a good life shared with her and still continues to be.

“It’s not just loving, it’s friendship,” said Will. 

“I think friendship perhaps comes before love, because we were friends before. I can remember my Mum saying ‘when are we going to meet this Will?’ and I said, ‘you’re never going to meet him he’s just a friend and here we are fifty years later and we’re still friends,” said Sandra. 

Their secret to a long and successful marriage is communication and sharing anything and everything.

“I think you have to be honest with each other and be caring,” said Sandra.

“Got to talk about anything and share,” said Will. 

“Talking and sharing, you need to be open with one another and talk about anything,” said Sandra.

“I think perhaps having the tragedy with Joanne made us more aware of what you need to talk about ... you have to talk to each other even if you don’t agree you still have to talk about it, share and be honest with each other.”

Another vital part of a marriage for them is saying “I love you” every day, more than just the day you get married.

“It’s something you have to say, it happens every morning, a kiss, I love you and then get up and make breakfast,” said Will. 

The couple cannot comprehend that it has been fifty years of marriage; they said it does not feel that long at all. 

Will and Sandra are celebrating their anniversary with a special dinner tonight, surrounded by family and friends. 

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