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Harrison receives extra helping hand

Tuesday, 11th December, 2018

Harrison Ashby with (from left) Broken Hill CWA’s Lucy Phillips, Chrissie Ashby, Yvette Smith and Chelise Jones. PICTURE: Callum Marshall Harrison Ashby with (from left) Broken Hill CWA’s Lucy Phillips, Chrissie Ashby, Yvette Smith and Chelise Jones. PICTURE: Callum Marshall

By Callum Marshall

The local Country Women’s Association (CWA) has awarded a $500 scholarship to Harrison Ashby.

The Irene Ashton Memorial Education Grant that the CWA has received is one of several that CWA New South Wales offers and is available to any student doing secondary or tertiary education. 

President of the local CWA Yvette Smith said they were very happy to be able to help out Harrison as he gets ready to begin a nursing degree at Swinburne University next year. 

“Back in September the CWA for Broken Hill applied for a scholarship for Harrison through CWA New South Wales,” said Ms Smith.

“They closed in the end of September and in November our executive met and we were successful in getting a five-hundred dollar grant for Harrison to go towards his studies.

“We only started in February this year so we’re not even twelve months old, so we’re really excited that we’ve been able to get a grant for Harrison, a local kid, and to support him.

“Harrison’s parents are farmers up near northern Tilpa, so it’s really good that we can help in that respect.

“CWA NSW has given out over five-and-a half-million dollars in drought relief grants. So this is just another way for us to help local kids, and especially the farming families, to give Harrison an opportunity. 

“Five hundred dollars is not much but it’ll still go a long way to helping him out with his studies.

“It can be used in any way he wants, whether it’s for his books, to pay off some of his university fees, accommodation or whatever it might be.”

Ms Smith said there were plenty of other CWA educational grants for local students.

“Some of the educational grants are specific for girls, the Western region and other general ones across New South Wales. 

“CWA Australia also have nursing and midwifery grants that they issue. Applications open in January 2019 and close in mid-February. 

“Anyone can apply for those, and if they want to know more about it they can look at the CWA New South Wales website or the CWA Australia website, or contact us at the local branch and we can point them in the right direction and help them with their application.” 

Harrison said he was very thankful to the CWA and that the work of the Royal Flying Doctor Service had inspired him to look into a nursing career. 

“Mum’s been picked up by them before so I’d like to be able to do that, just helping people. Even doing it up here in rural communities would be rewarding as well.”

Harrison’s mother Chrissie also thanked the CWA. 

“Harrison’s applied for quite a few scholarships because we’re in probably the worst drought in Australian history,” she said.

“He’s living with his grandma in Melbourne because we can’t afford any accommodation, so this will be very supportive towards things like his laptop, books and all those sorts of things.”

Those interested in the midwifery and nursing grants next year, or wanting to discuss other CWA grants, can contact Danielle Kennedy from the CWA Broken Hill Branch on 0407 958 199 or email danielle.kennedy92@gmail.com

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