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High achievers

Tuesday, 18th December, 2018

Sienna Sulicich (left), Distinguished Achiever in Advanced English and Jessica Elston, Distinguished Achiever in Music.  PICTURE: Emily Ferguson Sienna Sulicich (left), Distinguished Achiever in Advanced English and Jessica Elston, Distinguished Achiever in Music. PICTURE: Emily Ferguson

By Emily Ferguson

Year twelve students across the state received their Higher School Certificate results at the end of last week and Broken Hill students, as always, produced some outstanding results.

In Western NSW there were 24 public schools in which students earned a top band to make them a Distinguished Achiever and Broken Hill and Willyama High Schools were two of them.

The NSW Education Standards Authority defines a Distinguished Achiever a student who received a top band result (band 6) in one or more course and a Top Achiever is a student in the top places in each course, provided that their result is also in the top band. 

Broken Hill High School student Daniel Zanon studied Automotive through TAFE NSW Western Institute Broken Hill Campus. He was praised as both a Top Achiever and a Distinguished Achiever for earning fifth place in his Automotive Mechanical Technology exam. 

Daniel said Automotive Mechanics was definitely his favourite subject. “It’s just what I’m into, ever since I was young I’ve liked cars,” said Daniel.

“I wasn’t expecting to get such a good result, I thought I did pretty bad but apparently not,” he said.

As for life after high school and the HSC, Daniel has his sight set on a mechanics apprenticeship in town. “I’ve just applied for a Flying Doctor job actually, as an aircraft engineer,” he said. 

Willyama High School had two students recognised as Distinguished Achievers, Sienna Sulicich for Advanced English and Jessica Elston for Music. 

Both girls agreed that the subject in which they earned a band 6 was their favourite subject.

“I loved it (Advanced English), it was the best. I’ve always loved to write and be creative and I found that succeeding and doing well in that class was easier than other ones,” said Sienna. 

“It has always been my favourite subject (Music), it’s not really been necessarily a subject though more just a hobby that I did at school, so it wasn’t really too much of a task,” said Jessica.

When asked how they felt about their results overall, the girls were happy but also felt they could have done more. “It was a very difficult year, so getting the band 6 was really good but also I wish I did better and I wish I was in better health to be able to do that, but I’m happy with what I got based on the state I was in,” said Sienna. 

“I can fully relate to that, it’s all well and good to say I got a band 6 in Music but don’t talk about the other subjects because everything just went awfully,” said Jessica. “I think the only reason I actually did alright in Music was just because it is something that I did outside of school Year 12 in terms of the actual school part, it was pretty horrendous.”

Jessica said she exceeded her expectations of her own results, “Considering the year I think, it wasn’t a mystery mark so that’s good, that’s where my expectations were,” said Jessica. 

Sienna set her expectations high, but she felt that her mental health came before her schooling and now at the end is happy with what she has achieved. “I went through the year wanting a ninety, I knew I wasn’t going to get a ninety... I wasn’t able to go to school about fifty per cent of the time. So me being like I want a ninety, delusional because I wasn’t there, like at all,” said Sienna. 

“Being where I was at and not being able to do everything I wished I could do, I’m happy with how everything went and my results overall, based on the point I was at, at the time.”

Both girls are planning on taking a gap year; Jessica would then like to go to Sydney to study Videography and Sienna wants to sort herself out before making a decision about what she wants to do. 

Dux of Broken Hill High School Sasha Cox received an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) of 81.9 and placed in band 5 for all of her subject examinations. “I’m really pleased with my results and I got the ATAR I need for the course I was hoping to get into, so that just tops it off,” said Sasha. 

Willyama High School’s Dux, Kelsey Graham, received an ATAR of 87.3 and placed within the fifth band for all but one of her exams.

“I would have liked to have done a bit better but I’m happy overall with my results,” Kelsey said.

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