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Grazier to join Antarctica crew

Thursday, 27th December, 2018

Anika Molesworth is headed to Antarctica’s research station next year. PICTURE: Supplied Anika Molesworth is headed to Antarctica’s research station next year. PICTURE: Supplied

Anika Molesworth has been selected as one of 95 women from around the world to attend a leadership program in Antarctica.

The young farmer has spent a lot of her adult life working towards efficiency and sustainability within the farming industry.

Her family owns Rupee Station and Anika is a researcher with the Centre for Regional and Rural Futures at Deakin University. 

Her PhD work involves field trials in the Riverina of NSW and the lowlands of Cambodia. 

She also has a Bachelor Degree in Agribusiness and a Masters in Sustainable Agriculture from Charles Sturt University, of which part of her research was conducted in Laos.

Now Anika is to undertake a three-week voyage to Antarctica in November/December next year.

“This is a global leadership initiative to equip women with strategic and communication capabilities in order to influence direction and policy regarding the sustainability of our planet,” Anika said.

“I have been invited to participate as a young emerging leader working in agriculture, who believes there is a need to ensure vibrant and resilient farming communities for the long-term by putting in place bold and ambitious strategies now. 

“As we know, women are under-represented in leadership positions globally, particularly in rural communities and agricultural industries, yet they play an invaluable role in the overall wellbeing of community, strength of industry, and shaping social and environmental settings (like matters on climate and energy).”

It is a 12-month leadership program which culminates in the three-week intensive voyage to Antarctica.

While she is there she will visit the research station and meet the scientists.

“Regions of Antarctica are showing amongst the fastest responses to climate change seen anywhere on the planet,” Anika said. 

“By taking this journey together as a group of women in STEMM, we envision the experience will forge strong bonds, inspire action and lead to extraordinary collaborations between the group to help protect, not only Antarctica, but the places we love and call home.

“I am committed to creating sustainable and resilient farming systems and rural communities, and this program will give me the capabilities, networks and confidence to do just that.

“I have always been interested in agroecology - learning about the great challenges that the world faces of feeding a growing number of people globally, ecosystem degradation and climate change. 

“I spend my days advocating for the protection of our delicate natural environment, rural communities, and food production systems, and I believe sustainable farming is an important key in ensuring a vibrant and resilient future for all of us.”

Because of the substantial cost of the voyage, Anika is seeking financial sponsorship and donations. 

If anyone would like to donate they can visit https://chuffed.org/project/farmer-in-antarctica

For more information visit www.climatewiseagriculture.com or www.intofarms.org

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