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Maighan on move

Monday, 31st December, 2018

Maighan Mashford PICTURE: Emily Ferguson Maighan Mashford PICTURE: Emily Ferguson

By Emily Ferguson

Maighan Mashford will be bringing in the New Year on the other side of the world as she joins the small group of locals who have travelled for sport with Wanderers Australia. 

Wanderers Australia allows young Australians to play their chosen sport in places all across the world, whilst also allowing them to visit and explore wonderful places. 

Maighan will be taking part in the Junior Netball Tour that travels around regional England, with the last two days spent in Paris. She will be abroad for almost three weeks, landing in Singapore on January 1 and touching down in London on the second. 

Maighan said she hasn’t been playing the sport for as long as people may think, “About four/five years, not as long other people but long enough,” laughed Maighan. 

Maighan has played her fair share of representative netball and will soon add Australia to that list. She has been with the Far West Academy of Sport, for around four years, and this year she was named the Academy’s Athlete of the Year. Broken Hill Sapphires is her most recent representation and she has also represented the West Flames Netball Club through the Bankstown Exchange and other random carnivals. 

She decided to apply for the trip based on the fact that she would get to see some great attractions whilst also playing her favourite sport. 

“I think the most enticing thing about it is when we’re in Paris we get to go to the old battlefields, so that was kind of the main drawcard for me and, obviously, I get to play netball while I’m there and do a lot of other things,” said Maighan. 

“We’ll do a lot of touristy things, we’ll go look at Big Ben and that in London and in Paris we’ll go to the Eiffel Tower, and we stop at a few markets,” she said. 

“One of the nights where we’re staying where Downtown Abbey was filmed which is pretty cool, and we get to go to a soccer game as well.”

Maighan is most looking forward to the overall experience.

“Probably just experiencing it all I guess, not necessarily one thing but if there was one thing probably the battlefields because that’s what drew me to it to start with, but just being able to go away and look at something a bit new, a bit different.”

Maighan is good friends with a few of the locals who have travelled with the Wanderers previously, including Jacob Johnstone and Jayden Sutton for football and Ashlee Mcconnell and Zianna Chesterfield, who recently returned from a netball trip.

“They can’t stop talking about it and how good it is, so I can’t wait to go away,” said Maighan.

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