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Labor could take Barwon: Candidate

Wednesday, 2nd January, 2019

‘The  community (says) they have had enough of the National Party’ - Darriea Turley ‘The community (says) they have had enough of the National Party’ - Darriea Turley

By Emily McInerney

Labor Barwon candidate Darriea Turley has been listening to the electorate’s concerns and aims to utilise that feedback to secure a seat in NSW parliament. 

Mrs Turley said she has been busy travelling around the electorate to hear out their concerns and what they would like achieved.

“My campaign has been running since November 2017, I think it’s been the longest campaign out of the candidates,” she said.

“I’ve been going from town to town holding community forums and I’ve received a great response.

“Every town has different concerns and when you go to each town you see what priorities are greater for them.

“Most towns feel the National Party has let them down. That the party is too focused on Sydney and has forgotten about the bush.

“I had one traditional National Party person say to me, “They’ve had the seat for 35 years and look at it, we’re dying out here”.”

Mrs Turley said she has received a lot of support from head office and they will be employing a full time staff member to help her.

“I’ve been extremely lucky, I’ve had a lot of shadow minister’s travel with me.

“Last week, I had Penny Sharpe with me; Chris Minns and Daniel Mookhey as well.

“Polling looks very good for the seat of Barwon.

“It’s an exciting time.”

Mrs Turley said it was about ensuring the electorate was in a better position.

“Members of this electorate feel the National Party have their priorities wrong and are worried about TAFE, health services, a loss of community and a loss of industry.

“They feel it is going to change.

“It’s going to be tough, but the fact that the general public are not at all happy gives the possibility of swinging the seat to Labor.

“People want change.”

Mrs Turley said she was focused on her campaign right now and would wait and see in March what changes she would need to make in her life.

“Let’s wait and see until March, that’s the big thing.”

She said the campaign has been eye-opening.

“I would like to thank everyone for sharing their concerns.

“Until you are out in the whole area, you don’t realise how much people are struggling.

“I realised what was happening in Broken Hill, but you don’t realise how tough everyone is doing it.

“The community has joined together to say they have had enough of the National Party.

“It’s all about listening to the concerns of the community.

“I would like to give a continued thank you to the local community for inspiring the fight for water to go on.”

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