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McLeod’s delves into past-ies

Friday, 4th January, 2019

Owner of Old McLeod’s Bakery Bruce Carpenter in front of the business’ old five-metre deep oven. PICTURE: Callum Marshall Owner of Old McLeod’s Bakery Bruce Carpenter in front of the business’ old five-metre deep oven. PICTURE: Callum Marshall

By Callum Marshall

A mixture of the old and new will soon be on display at Old McLeod’s Bakery on Chapple Street, with work currently underway to provide the well-known establishment some extra character. 

The bakery, whose pies, pasties and breads have attracted interest from locals for decades, has had new tiles installed and a wall painted over during the last several weeks.

There’s also plans to frame historical documents and photos about the bakery alongside images of key figures and individuals who’ve played a part in the Broken Hill bakery.

Owner of Old McLeod’s Bakery Bruce Carpenter said the work would aim to strike a balance between preserving the history of the building and modernising certain elements.

“I’ve been in this business for only two years and I’m starting to get the history part of it all now, of who actually owned it alongside photos from (specific) time periods,” he said.

“So I’m trying to incorporate that all into a history wall to let people know about specific dates and information surrounding the bakery.”

While Mr Carpenter said he still had to track down specific information and individuals to include as part of the historical display, sources such as the Broken Hill Historical Society and the online archive trove had been incredibly useful for finding old photos, posters and historical information he had used. 

He also had plans to create a display for the old ovens the bakery had used for years. 

“These original ovens are about 80 years old plus. I’m not sure what dates they were decommissioned, but I think (it was) once the bakery went into Beryl Street.

“The original factory was here in this building and the back of it was where the conveyor belt was for the pies, pasties, bread and stuff like that. 

“Those ovens are about five metres deep and the wood paddle here is an original as well.

“So my next thing is to leave the oven door open and have something like perspex and light inside it so people can actually look in there and see its inner-most workings.

“The old oven at the front will be a display alongside the smoker, and the back one could potentially be used for wood-fired pizzas or other foods.”

The pies and pasties will always be priority number one though. 

“McLeod’s has produced a lot of pasties, pies and breads over the years,” said Mr Carpenter.

“We have people come here who are flying out to Perth. They’ll come and get a dozen pies and pasties, either at my shop or at Beryl Street, and we’ll box it up for them.

“They’ll then put them on a plane and freeze them back home.” 

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