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Living Desert vision

Tuesday, 8th January, 2019

A sculpture at the Living Desert. PICTURE: Gavin Schmidt A sculpture at the Living Desert. PICTURE: Gavin Schmidt

By Emily McInerney

A former city councillor believes the city should redevelop the Living Desert into an eco-village, and create an artist Hall of Fame. 

 Larry Angell, who is the Patton Village chairman, has expressed ideas that could benefit Broken Hill.

“Most of my ideas are two or three years old,” he said.

“They started off as small visions and have become bigger and better.

“Due to my involvement in the tourism industry, I always look at opportunities outside of the city that present themselves.

“I often think about how ideas might work in Broken Hill.”

He suggested an Artist Hall of Fame to recognise the contribution of artists to the Silver City.

“It doesn’t have to be specific to just Broken Hill artists,” Mr Angell said.

“We should acknowledge the contribution they have made to local tourism.

“It is my great belief that we should redevelop the Living Desert Sculptures.

He said recognition of Albert Morris was underdone in Broken Hill.

“If we created ecological sustaining accommodation, we could use that to honour him,” Mr Angell said.

“The Living Desert could be turned into an eco-village installed with portable container accommodation, shower blocks and toilets, powered sites for caravan parking, shearers quarters for students to stay.

“Solar power systems could be installed to supply power as well as large underground water tanks.

“Then we could build The Albert Morris Education/Interpretative Centre. 

“It could all be done using recycled containers; reconstruct the walkways through the Living Desert so the elderly and disabled can use them, sign post plants, and rock formations of interest.”

Projects could be added as funding became available, and it would generate its own income, attract other government grants and work-for-the dole projects.

“I’m sure other people would be able to improve on my ideas.”

Mr Angell said he had hundreds of ideas and welcomed the new 25in25 group.

“I’d like to see the group hold a public meeting to raise ideas about other areas of the town.

“Everyone has different ideas, we could explore those ideas and develop a range of projects.

“Then when the politicians come out and say they have funding, we have projects ready to start.

“A lot of people do have a lot of vision for Broken Hill and they might even have ideas on how it can all be done.”

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