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Aldi just looking at moment

Wednesday, 6th February, 2019

By Emily Ferguson

For quite some time now Broken Hillites have speculated about popular chain supermarket ALDI setting up shop in town.

The rumours suggest that the store may be building on the vacant land on the corner of Galena and Wills streets, diagonally across from Lindsay’s Aluminium and Glass.

Locals have voiced their opinions and the response appears to be quite mixed. Some residents have said they don’t want the chain to come at all, saying that we already have two large supermarkets and that there is no room for another, that the town would do better with a Kmart or something similar.

There have also been concerns that if the store were to occupy the space on Galena Street that there would then be three large supermarkets within a stone’s throw from each other.

Some have shared their idea that the store should go into the old Coles building on Patton Street to allow for the South side of town to have a supermarket. 

Despite the rumours an ALDI Australia spokesperson said that while they are always interested in opportunities to expand their franchise, there is nothing official at this stage.

“We are eager to bring our unique shopping experience to more Australians, offering high-quality products and outstanding value,” said the spokesperson.

“We are always looking for opportunities to extend our store network and Broken Hill is an area of interest for us. However, at this stage we haven’t committed to a specific site.”

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