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Max fans unite

Thursday, 7th February, 2019

Mad Max fans have been gathering at the Silverton Youth Hostel before this weekend’s Silverton Collective gets under way. Mad Max fans have been gathering at the Silverton Youth Hostel before this weekend’s Silverton Collective gets under way.

By Callum Marshall

The 2019 Mad Max Silverton Collective will be kicking off on Friday with diehard fans once more arriving in the Far West for a series of themed events and activities. 

Taking place every two years, fans come out to Silverton to celebrate all things Mad Max, with Mad Max 2 having being filmed in Broken Hill and Silverton. 

Steve Scholz, dressed up in character as ‘The Mighty Wez’, said this year’s Silverton Collective was following along from another major Mad Max event in Maryborough which celebrated 40 years since the original Mad max came out.

“This year’s Silverton Collective is our continuation of the 40th anniversary of the first Mad Max film,” he said.

“All our international visitors are getting the opportunity to knock two events on the head in the same week.”

He said there were plenty of events that the fans and public could take part in during this year’s Silverton Collective.

“So on Friday we’re doing a sunrise viewing out at the Pinnacles and then we have a day at the Mad Max museum,” said Steve.

“Also, if anyone’s interested, we have a costume and vehicle event out at the Mundi Mundi lookout at sunset. 

“On Saturday, we’re doing a big scavenger hunt which will start at the Silverton Youth Hostel at 10am.

“If you want to field a team you’re more than welcome to come along and join in. 

“Entry is $20 dollars, which also includes tickets to go and see Mad Max 2 and our premiere of ‘Humungus: A Documentary’ at the Silver City Cinema at 7pm.”

“If you just want tickets to the movies then you can get them from the cinema (just before the screening.)”

Steve said everyone was welcome to come up and say hello to all those dressed in character, to check out the cars and equipment, and to grab some photos as well. 

“We’ll be running around all over the place doing costume appearances and visiting locations and stuff, and we’d be more than happy to have visitors come out and say ‘g’day’, check out all the stuff and get some photos,” he said.

“We’ve got all these characters out here from the first and second Mad Max films as well as some wasteland inspired outfits as well. 

“So we go from screen-accuracy to just a bit of whimsical fun, and we’ve got people who’ve come from all over the world. 

“So we’ve got visitors from Japan and America, and it’s just a really good bunch of people who have a shared love of Mad Max.

“There’s also some original Mad Max actors, as well as some stunt people.

“The best opportunity for photos is definitely going to be Friday night though, so here’s hoping we get a really spectacular sunset to go with it.”


WHAT: 2019 Mad Max Silverton Collective

WHEN: 8am Friday until 7pm Sunday.

WHERE: Mundi Mundi Lookout, Silverton Youth Hostel, Silver City Cinema

COST: $20 entry into Saturday Scavenger hunt alongside tickets to double-film screening of Mad Max 2 and ‘Humungus: A Documentary’, 7pm Saturday night.  Tickets for the films can also be purchased at Silver City Cinema.


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