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Let the BDT do it

Friday, 8th February, 2019

Chris Minns Chris Minns

By Emily McInerney

The Shadow Water Minister is calling on the BDT to host the “great debate” between himself and Niall Blair.

While the date of the debate has been set, no venue or model has been arranged.

NSW Shadow Water Minister Chris Minns said he was happy to meet in Broken Hill on March 4 to debate the Water Minister.

“Mr Blair sent a letter saying he would like it adjudicated by a panel of respected journalists,” Mr Minns said.

He said he hadn’t heard who was on the panel.

“Surely the BDT would be on it?

“The BDT’s editor should be on it, and the BDT should host it.

“There should be representation from print, radio and TV.”

Mr Minns said he was “putting it to the BDT” to see what could be done.

The call for a debate was put out last month when Mr Blair proposed two debates at private forums, specifying which groups could attend.

“A debate between politicians won’t help the people of Far West NSW, but local residents should have every opportunity to ask questions and get answers from the Liberal-National Government,” Mr Minns said at the time.

“The people of Far West NSW deserve to be heard and deserve answers from the Liberals and Nationals.

“Let’s open these debates to the public. Michael Daley and Labor don’t want to see these Far West communities denied a voice ever again.”



1. NSW Farmers Water Forum debate in Griffith on the February 19.

2. Broken Hill debate on March 4 adjudicated by a panel of leading journalists.

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