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Hey musos, are you on the list?

Monday, 18th February, 2019

Xanthe Edgecumbe is the brains behind the music and entertainment directory that is in the works. PICTURE: Emily Ferguson Xanthe Edgecumbe is the brains behind the music and entertainment directory that is in the works. PICTURE: Emily Ferguson

By Emily Ferguson

Xanthe Edgecumbe is hoping to put together a musicians’ directory website to help her fellow musos find places to perform.

The website could also be used by tourists looking for live entertainment.

“It’s going to be a big job ... putting it together is going to be the task,” said Xanthe. 

“Each band would have their own page and links so if someone wanted to hire them for any events - local venues, weddings, private parties, functions - they could contact them directly,” she said. 

“There would be links to either their websites or Facebook, even YouTube videos, a place that we can link if they’ve got any recorded EPs or albums and they can go directly to that store and buy them.”

Xanthe wants to reach not only to musicians, but venues. 

“It’s going to be a free thing for the musicians to urge them all to get onto. All they’ve got to do is send me their details and I’ll put it all up and together,” she said. 

“With the venues I’m looking at them to do sponsorship. At the moment we’re looking about $10 a month, about $120 a year for each venue, to go towards being able to keep the site up and running and admin fees.

Venues would be sponsored on the website and they would be linked to their own websites for contact information and amenities. 

“Also, we want to offer it to motels and hotels so when visitors come through they can also find accommodation and places to stay.

Xanthe said she also wanted it to be a sort of hub for local events.

“I know that a lot of our community groups are kind of starting to fade away and get smaller. We’ve got the Broken Hill Civic Orchestra, the BIU Band and then there’s little ukulele groups around and open mic nights so there would be a section for that.

“People could see what is happening and also we could be a bit of a forum or chat room for musos if they’re looking for a drummer or guitarist to join their band.”

The inspiration for the directory comes from Xanthe’s experience performing herself. 

“I have lots of friends that always go on about the fact that they can’t get gigs or haven’t got venues or haven’t got people in the bands to play, so I just want to be a good one stop. 

“It’s mainly just about trying to build up the music community and just support all foundations and platforms for performers in general. 

For more information Xanthe can be contacted via email at silvernotesmusic@hotmail.com; phone 0476 284 151 or on the Gig Guide Facebook page.  

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