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Partners in life and work

Wednesday, 20th February, 2019

Colin and Lorelei Roberts celebrate 60 years of marriage tomorrow. PICTURE: Emily Ferguson Colin and Lorelei Roberts celebrate 60 years of marriage tomorrow. PICTURE: Emily Ferguson

By Emily Ferguson

Lorelei and Colin Roberts have been together for almost 65 years but tomorrow  they will have been married for an impressive 60 years. 

The couple met as teenagers when Colin went to work for Lorelei’s father, Jack Carter, on Inkerman Station. 

But as they were so young things didn’t progress until a few years later.

“I was working in town and Colin was working somewhere else then, and my father came to my grandmother’s where I was staying,” said Lorelei. 

“Colin came around there to see dad and that’s when he said to me ‘will you go out with me?’” 

“That’s when the spark came back,” said Colin. 

They were engaged in the Christmas of 1958 and on the car ride home from Colin’s sister’s house he popped the question.

“He didn’t even stop the car, I don’t think, when he asked,” Lorelei said. 

After they were married, the couple took over Scarsdale Station, 80 kilometres from the city on the Menindee Road, and there they lived for 43 years before retiring to Broken Hill.

Colin and Lorelei have two sons, Dean and Mark, who have given them four grandchildren - Dean with his two girls, Fallon and Nyssa, and Mark with his two boys, Matthew and Jason.

Over the years they battled both floods and bushfires together on the station, and once had to camp in the shearers’ quarters for four months. 

When asked what their favourite thing about each other was, neither had to think about it for a second.

“She’s a wonderful person,” replied Colin. “She was a good worker, one of the best station hands that I’ve ever had. She’s great, I don’t know what I would’ve done without her. 

“We had a few blues. When we were drafting a few times, she helped me a hell of a lot but we used to have an argument and she’d give me the old finger up and go home, once or twice.” he laughed. 

“He’s always been a good support and great with the kids when they were little, a really good dad with them,” said Lorelei. “He’s been a wonderful husband really - I wouldn’t swap him.”

“If we had a bit of an argument we always kiss goodnight no matter what happened. We’ve never really had an argument where we thought about walking out on each other ... he’s been a good fella.” 

Their secret to a long and successful marriage is to remain patient, uphold the communication and try to get along. 

“Tolerance, because I realise I’m not easy to get on with sometimes,” said Lorelei. “Mainly tolerance and trying to see each other’s point of view.”

“We’ve always made decisions together, we’ve never done anything without both agreeing to it,” said Colin. 

The couple were very happy to have received letters of congratulation from the Queen and other important figureheads. To celebrate their anniversary Lorelei and Colin will be going to dinner with family and friends.

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