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First Khanacross for 2019

Thursday, 7th March, 2019

This could be you, racing in the BSCC’s first Khanacross event of the year. PICTURE: Facebook This could be you, racing in the BSCC’s first Khanacross event of the year. PICTURE: Facebook

By Callum Marshall

The Barrier Sporting Car Club will be kick-starting their Khanacross competition this Saturday, with the club encouraging everyone to sign up and take part.

BSCC Secretary Kayelene Crossing said the club was “excited” to start up this year’s first event at the Racecourse. 

“This Khanacross is the first one for the year and we’ve already got quite a few nominations for it,” she said.

The drought last year caused issues holding Khanacrosses because the private properties where they take place don’t like it being torn up while it’s so dry.

“So luckily we’ve had a little bit of rain on our side this year, enough to hold some Khancrosses.

“So this first one is out at the Racecourse, just behind Racecourse Road off Tibooburra Road. 

“We have about four to five heats, and they’re all different laps. 

“So we do a time trial of either one or two laps and then after everybody’s gone through we then change the lap around.

“We had 25 entries at the last Khanacross last year, which was the biggest one we had.

“So at the moment we’ve got ten nominated for this weekend, but more can nominate. 

“So we can have anywhere between ten and 25 entries, so we just go through as many events as we can on the day.”

Kayelene said there’d be junior and senior categories taking place as well, with the event being safe and family-friendly.

“So juniors is from 12 to 18 years and I think it’s a really good idea for kids to actually come out and be able to learn how to drive, particularly off-road because that’s such an important thing,” she said.

“So they can come out here with an adult and either their own parent can hop in the car with them or one of us officials, where we’ll be able to make sure everything is safe.

“There’s only one racer at a time as well, so you won’t have to worry about anyone behind your back.

“So alongside the junior’s category we also have seniors (competing). We have got ladies that race but we haven’t got enough to make our own category.”

For those participating, Kayelene said that they needed to have a 2019 BSCC membership as well as have a valid CAMS (Confederation of Australian Motor Sport) membership.

“You have to be a member of the club to participate as well as be a CAMS member,” she said.

“That’s our insurance body and at $95 a year it’ll cover you for the whole Khanacross.

“So there’s $40 for a single membership to the Car Club for the year or $50 for the family, the $95 for CAMS for a year, and then every Khanacross you enter into there’s a fee of about $35.

“Also the CAMS licence for juniors is only $35.

“So if people want to sign up on the day, which is cash-only, or want to know more they can contact me over Facebook or come down at 2:30pm at the Racecourse and have a chat with us.”

Kayelene said the event will begin Saturday afternoon to avoid the early morning and lunch time heat.

“So this Saturday we’ll be down there from 2:30pm onwards, taking entries and the racing starts around 3:30 to 4pm,” she said.

“Then we’ll race a certain number of time trials, depending on the (number of entries.)

To nominate you can contact Kayelene through the Barrier Sporting Car Club Facebook page or you email her at barriersportingcarclub@gmail.com.

She also suggested that you can talk to Brett Baldwin at Baldwin’s Automotive, “He’s the Club President and he’s very knowledgeable about the club. He’s been with it for about 42 years now, so he was born into the club,” she said. 

“So bring out a car and have some fun. It doesn’t have to be registered, it can a bomb in the backyard that you put on a trailer and come down with.

“So long as it’s safe and has a seatbelt and windscreen then you’ll be good to take part.”

WHAT:Barrier Sporting Car 

Club Khanacross 

WHEN:Saturday, entries 

from 2:30pm, 

racing from 3:30-4pm

WHERE:The Racecourse

COST:To race, between $35-

$180 depending on 

whether BSCC and 

CAMS memberships 

have been already paid 

for. To watch, Free.

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