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A week of league

Friday, 8th March, 2019

Participants in last year’s Broken Hill league-tag. League-tag re-commences on Monday at the Lamb Oval as part of a week-long rugby league blitz by the ORL and CRL in Broken Hill, Menindee and Wilcannia. PICTURE: CRL Participants in last year’s Broken Hill league-tag. League-tag re-commences on Monday at the Lamb Oval as part of a week-long rugby league blitz by the ORL and CRL in Broken Hill, Menindee and Wilcannia. PICTURE: CRL

By Tyler Hannigan

Outback Rugby League will combine with the CRL, NRL and the Murdi Paaki Regional Rugby League Council to host a series of events next week designed to get players, volunteers and referees involved in the sport.

Broken Hill will host a majority of these events but Far West Competitions Support Officer for CRL Dallas Reeves said that this is normally the case and not a direct response to the Saints and United clubs pulling out of the 2019 season but admits promotion of the game in Broken Hill is important. 

“Generally in recent years the accreditation courses have been run in Broken Hill as part of a week-long blitz that the National Rugby League (NRL) completes annually involving the Primary Schools League Tag Gala Day at Alma Oval on the Friday March 15,” Reeves said.

“There is Act Belong Commit days run by Murdi Paaki Regional Rugby League Council and the Office of Sport in each ORL community - Broken Hill, Menindee and Wilcannia. Broken Hill also offers a central base for NRL accreditation courses whereby no-one from Menindee or Wilcannia has to travel on an unsealed road. And certainly there is the need to promote the game further in Broken Hill.

“Saints and United are both great clubs and the door is always open to any former ORL club that seeks re-entry and has the volunteers and players to do so. Having clubs in all three ORL communities is crucial,” Reeves added.

The week kicks off with Broken Hill league-tag re-commencing on Monday at the Lamb Oval from 5pm. This will continue each Monday evening until its conclusion on April 8. 

Monday will also see the launch of the Act Belong Commit (ABC) Community season in Wilcannia at 4:30pm at the Wilcannia Sportsground. Menindee’s launch will follow on Wednesday while Broken Hill’s launch takes place on Thursday.

ABC focuses on physical and mental health and the launches will include activities for young children, a come and try clinic and a barbecue. In conjunction with Broken Hill’s ABC launch, a specific women’s and juniors come-and-try day will also be run at the Lamb Oval. 

On Tuesday, the Broken Hill PCYC will host a coaching course for ORL-based coaches. The course is provided for free by the Murdi Paaki Regional Rugby League Council and will allow local coaches to obtain the necessary certificates to coach in the ORL.

The PCYC will also run a referees schools course at 10am on Wednesday while the Lamb Oval will host existing ORL refs at 6pm for a referee update course.

Broken Hill’s school students will get their chance to play rugby league next week with a pair of gala days at the Alma Oval. The high school day will take place on Tuesday while the primary school students take to the field on Friday. 

Reeves said that the ORL and CRL hopes to attract new players, volunteers and referees to the sport as part of this week-long blitz.

“Certainly, the hope is to have more of all three come from these courses and events,” he said.

“We have identified the need to have more young people involved in the sport, particularly in Broken Hill where there is plenty of other sporting options for parents and children.

“The Juniors and Women’s Come-And-Try Day at Lamb Oval on March 14 (Thursday) is vitally important so we encourage all women and juniors interested in rugby league in Broken Hill to attend and register their interest.

“Also the High Schools Gala Day on March 12 (Tuesday) has been planned with the aim to provide high schools rugby league that has been missing in recent years.”

Reeves believes that additional and more varied formats of the sport, such as those introduced last year will help grow player and volunteer numbers 

“In 2018 we introduced women’s tackle rugby league to the ORL and also held six junior gala day across the region. These are programs we would like to continue and build further in 2019,” Reeves said.

“Looking at additional formats is crucial. We have had some great volunteers and genuine rugby league people at Saints, United and Geebungs that have simply been overburdened by having to do too much with too few. More formats may attract new people to the sport that want to volunteer.

“At this stage, we certainly plan to have juniors, women’s, and senior rugby league this season.

“We also have a very successful League Tag program in Broken Hill that Mick Thornberry co-ordinates wonderfully with 30 kids playing in two six-week blocks. It starts again on Monday (March 11) and runs through until the end of school term one.”

For more information on these events, contact CRL Far West Competitions Support Officer Dallas Reeves on 0418 811 483 or via email on dreeves@crlnsw.com.au.


Important Dates

Monday, March 11
Wilcannia Act Belong Commit launch - 4:30pm EST (Wilcannia Sportsground)
Broken Hill League Tag - 5pm CST (Lamb Oval)

Tuesday, March 12
ORL Coaching Course - 6pm CST (Broken Hill PCYC)
High Schools Gala Day - 9:30am CST (Alma Oval)

Wednesday, March 13
Menindee Act Belong Commit launch - 4:30pm EST (Burke and Wills Oval)
Referees Schools Course - 10am CST (Broken Hill PCYC)
ORL Referee Update - 6pm CST (Lamb Oval)

Thursday, March 14
Broken Hill Act Belong Commit launch - 5pm CST (Lamb Oval)
Women and Juniors Come-and-Try - 5pm CST (Lamb Oval)

Friday, March 15
Primary Schools Gala Day - 9am CST (Alma Oval)

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