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Jemrok closes

Friday, 8th March, 2019

By Emily McInerney

A Tasmanian company with a workshop and office in the city has gone into liquidation leaving all local staff without jobs.

Jemrok is a multi-specialist mining and civil infrastructure provider servicing mining and civil sectors. 

As well as Broken Hill, the company had offices in Burnie, Tasmania, and Cobar, NSW.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission said members of the Jemrok company agreed on Monday that it be wound up and that liquidators be appointed.

One Tasmanian employee took to Facebook to state that workers were told on Monday morning that the company had gone into liquidation.

“Prior to this they dropped the Mining Division, then they brought in the Director of Operations then the Civil Division went, we where also told that the maintenance divisions of Wynyard, Broken Hill and Cobar would be ok but not without some challenges,” the employee said.

“At the meeting we were told that we would not get paid, so (they owed) the workers almost one month’s pay.

“The Jemrok name at Cobar and Broken Hill Maintenance Division was then changed to a new business name ‘Krome’.

“We all now have to apply to the FEG Fair Entitlements Guarantee which can take between three to six months.” 

He told the BDT yesterday that they had been a part of a few meetings in the lead up, but staff never thought they were going to lose their jobs.

“They had shut the mining side of the company in January and were starting to shut the civil side as well.

“We thought that Cobar and Broken Hill would be ok, but that didn’t turn out to be the case.”

It was believed that the Broken Hill staff were safe as the company Krome would take over the running of the local site.

However, it was revealed yesterday that all local staff are without employment.

A family member of one of the workers said on Facebook; “All staff at both Broken Hill and Cobar are now without jobs, no new company as mentioned, it never got off the ground”.

The managers of the Cobar branch wrote they had “suffered immensely as the faces of the Cobar branch”.

“I hope we all get through this with our lives intact, realising that it was not just Cobar but all of us helps share the burden,” they wrote on the Facebook post.

The former employee said the reasoning the company gave was that they had no money left.

“There was no money left in the pot, due to some bad choices and that was just it.”

He said a positive for the Tasmanian staff were that most of them were able to secure work.

“We have pretty good employment opportunities down here at the moment.

“A few guys have been taken on in other areas.

“It’s doing a lot better than Cobar, which is struggling at the moment.

“It was a good company to work for.”

Jemrok head office and liquidator BDO were both contacted for comment. BDO said they were unable to comment on the situation.

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