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We just love Patty’s

Saturday, 9th March, 2019

Marc Coulter with his son Ryan and grandson Ethan Kelly.  PICTURE: Emily Ferguson Marc Coulter with his son Ryan and grandson Ethan Kelly.  PICTURE: Emily Ferguson

By Emily Ferguson

You could say that volunteering is in the blood of Marc Coulter and his family, and that can be seen in their dedication to the St Patrick’s Race Club. 

Marc Coulter joined the St Patrick’s Race Club in 1992 and is still involved to this day.

“I had been involved for a number of years prior to that with the NSW State Emergency Service,” said Marc. “We used to do the car parking and I was asked to come onto the committee.”  

During his time he has filled the roles of Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer and Vice President.

“I think in that 27 years I’ve probably been the Treasurer on and off about 16 times and am currently the Treasurer this year and am looking forward to a big race day.

“As for my family we are very community oriented and it’s not just St Pat’s we’re involved in. We’re in a lot of voluntary organisations around town - SES, Rotary, Rural and Remote Autism Network, just to name a few. 

“My wife is involved in a lot of those as well. She’s a great cook and caterer so she’s involved in a lot that way, feeding us on our volunteer days and assisting us when we need it and keeping me on track as well.”

Marc has been a volunteer since he was 12.

“I’ve always loved volunteering. I was in the Scout Association from a cub right through to becoming a leader at a district leader training,” he said. 

“I guess my biggest volunteering has been through the State Emergency Service. This is my 35th year as a member of the SES, 10 of those lucky enough to be on the payroll so I’m a Deputy Zone Commander for a large portion of NSW.” 

Marc is also President of the Board of Directors for Silverlea Training Education. 

He has a grandson who has Autism and is therefore heavily involved with Rural and Remote Autism. He is also the Treasurer and Secretary of Rotary. 

“I just like giving back to the community. I think it’s great when people say ‘thank you’ and that is probably the greatest satisfaction of being a volunteer.”

Marc’s son Ryan and his grandson Ethan Kelly have been in St Pat’s since they were 12 years old, making this year a decade for Ryan and four years for Ethan.

The started out helping in the treasury by collecting money from the bars to be collated. They now lend a hand at working bees, which can include anything from cleaning the stables to erecting signs, and grading and watering the track. 

“It’s great to have young people on our committee because our committee, like most voluntary organisations, is an aging committee, so always great to have the young ones,” said Marc. 

Ryan said just enjoyed the work.

“Coming back to Broken Hill after being away for four years at uni I was keen to get involved on the committee and be behind the scenes, because there is a lot of work in planning the race meeting and they need as many hands as they can get,” he said. 

(Ethan agreed, adding “And I don’t mind a bit of Rag’s chips at the working bees.). 

“There’s a lot of hard work,” said Marc.

“But we also have a lot of fun too. On a volunteering day we go from a gentleman who is in his early 80s down to a 16-year-old like Ethan, so we have a wide range. 

“We have some excellent days, lots of laughter and fun - even though it is hard work, it’s fantastic.”

“Always looking for extra volunteers, volunteering is not just about turning up it’s about dedication ... so we’re always looking for those extra people, especially young ones, they’re our future. 

“I can see St Pat’s going for many years and for it to actually succeed and improve we need our young people to come onto the committee.”

Marc is also hoping for a better day than last year, so not 42 degrees. 

“I think we’re looking at around 30 to 32 degrees so it should be a nice day.”

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