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Young outback farmer has much to share

Friday, 5th April, 2019

Anika Molesworth will be speaking at the Rotary Conference this weekend. Anika Molesworth will be speaking at the Rotary Conference this weekend.

By Emily McInerney

The opportunities in the agricultural industry were immense, according to young farmer Anika Molesworth.

Anika is one of the keynote speakers at the Rotary Conference which starts today.

She has spent a lot of her adult life working towards efficiency and sustainability within the farming industry.

Anika’s family owns Rupee Station on the city’s outskirts and she is also a researcher with the Centre for Regional and Rural Futures at Deakin University.

Her PhD work involves field trials in the Riverina of NSW and the lowlands of Cambodia.

She also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Agribusiness and a Masters in Sustainable Agriculture from Charles Sturt University, and part of her research was conducted in Laos.

“I work with some really exciting people and groups in agriculture, and I was invited to share what we are doing,” she said. 

“Yes, the agricultural industry faces a lot of big challenges with environmental and social changes, but there are immense opportunities to ensure the resilience and vibrancy of this industry.

“I aim to connect people with the systems that feed and clothe them, and help them realise the key roles that they play in shaping the future of the farming industry.”

Anika said she will discuss stepping up on the issues of sustainability.

“I will speak about each of us being a capable leader who can create positive change on matters that affect the planet. 

“I will be drawing on my own experience on my family’s farm near Broken Hill, how an awareness of environmental issues and challenges facing the Far West propelled me to take action, how each of us can find our voice to protect the places we love and call home. 

“Two incredible organisations that I will be showcasing are the Young Farming Champions who focus on education and engaging with school students, and Farmers for Climate Action who work with scientists and policy makers to ensure a climate smart future.”

Anika said it was great to see the conference hosted here.

“We are very fortunate to have this Rotary conference in Broken Hill, bringing together people who are striving for positive and lasting change. 

“There will be many visitors this weekend, some coming to Broken Hill for the first time, others returning who will no doubt be looking forward to experiencing all Broken Hill has to offer. 

“This is an exciting place to be, and it’s great we get to showcase the town and surrounding area to the Rotarians.

“I’ll be giving the Rotarians a glimpse into my life as a young farmer in the Far West, the challenges faced and the opportunities to be seized. 

“There is so much happening in the agricultural industry which I am excited to share.”

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