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Fair result, says mayor

Saturday, 6th April, 2019

Mayor and Labor candidate for Barwon, Darriea Turley, on the hustings on election day. PICTURE: Supplied Mayor and Labor candidate for Barwon, Darriea Turley, on the hustings on election day. PICTURE: Supplied

By Callum Marshall

Broken Hill Mayor and Labor candidate for Barwon at the state election, Darriea Turley, said the change in the seat was welcome.

On Thursday it was confirmed that the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers’ Roy Butler won the seat from the National party. 

Mayor Turley said she had got on well with the new MP.

“From the very start we had a good relationship,” she said.

“We’ve met, he’s been to my house, and it has been very respectful. And that’s the way you should run a campaign.

“Winning or losing an election is really about how strong a leader you are, and if you’re a good leader and you lose, you then pursue, like I have, supporting whoever’s won.

“We’re in a good position because Roy has won representing the Shooters party.”

She said that Nationals’ loss of the seat which they’d held since 1950, should change the relationship the party and the state government had with the Far West.

“The National-Liberal government would be trying to win it back, so I’m sure we’re going to see a very different relationship than what we had under Kevin Humphries.

“That was a very disrespectful relationship. I know Roy will be respectful and the National Party and the Liberal government will be.”

That relationship had already begun to change for the better with yesterday’s visit by the new water minister, Ms Turley said.

“Today Melinda Pavey was in town. The first week into the job she’s come out to Broken Hill, Menindee and Wilcannia.

“It was such a change. She contacted council and wanted to meet with the Traditional Owners and Council. 

“It is a good thing for our community and competition is good. When people are out there and say that things aren’t acceptable, that change has to happen.”

Mayor Turley said environmental problems across the Barwon electorate was why ran for the seat.

“It was an absolute honour to go out on the road and talk to the community.

“I’ll still be pursuing the environmental issues, and today’s meeting with Melinda Pavey shows me that change is happening.”

When put to Mayor Turley that the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers had won at five of the seven local polling booths that traditionally voted Labor, she said the party’s individual vote had been good and boded well for the next local government election.

“It’s interesting because the pre-polls were a really big win to Labor.

“From the last local government election we actually picked up an extra thousand votes, so that shows that you’re doing something right.

“We are very pleased with the result in Broken Hill. And that’s going to be interesting going into the local government election.”

At the last election four years ago, then-Labor candidate Craig Ashby won all the local booths, but Ms Turley said there were several reasons for that. 

“We knew that Roy was doing well so that’s how it is,” said Mayor Turley. 

“Also it’s a different process because people weren’t doing pre-poll as much then. So when people say ‘you didn’t win all the booths’ we kind of went ‘well did our vote crash?’ 

“In fact, we picked up an extra thousand votes since the local government election

“It was also unprecedented seeing the National party vote crash as it did.”

However, Ms Turley said she wouldn’t run for the seat again.

“Broken Hill’s in a good position. They’ve got Roy Butler as a state member and they’ve got a government that wants to win back the seat.

“And Adam Marshall (the Minister for Western NSW) is a very talented man.

“I’ve worked with him before and when I saw he was appointed I thought ‘they’ve got the formula right for Western New South Wales.’”

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