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Exhibition open

Saturday, 13th April, 2019

James Price with his “800 Souls” show that opened last night. PICTURE: Emily McInerney James Price with his “800 Souls” show that opened last night. PICTURE: Emily McInerney

By Emily McInerney

Melbourne artist James Price last night opened his exhibition of more than 800 faces from Broken Hill’s history at the old Broken Hill Housewives Association building. 

“Over 800 Souls” adorns the interior of the building in Bromide Street and celebrates the lives of those that made the city home throughout its tumultuous history.

“Eighteen months ago the Regional Art Gallery put out the call for artists, through a grant CreateNSW, to pitch projects that could only happen in Broken Hill,” James said.

“I’m from Melbourne and began researching Broken Hill. The first thing that comes up is the Miners Memorial and how over 800 souls were lost on the mines.

“I wanted to create a memorial to life, so I did 800 drawings on the history of the town and turned it into an installation.

“I also found there was a lot of disused space in Broken Hill.

“I thought my project could celebrate life and use space in a creative way - I wanted to capitalise on that.”

James said the Housewives Association was the perfect space for his installation.

“It had just been sitting here since the Association dissolved over 20 years ago. “We’ve spent the last week installing the exhibition.”

The show is open this weekend and then it will become a stop on the Heritage Trail walking tour.

“My works feel like they have come out of someone’s notebook, often art is very definitive,” James said.

“My work doesn’t idolise anyone; we have the founders of BHP next to kids from the high school.

“It is all happening at once, it is interesting and it is history.

“It is very unique, it is a great story about perserverance and hard work.”

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