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Going the distance

Tuesday, 28th May, 2019

Megan Algate and her team after the Ultraman Australia event. PICTURE: Surfshots Noosa Photography Megan Algate and her team after the Ultraman Australia event. PICTURE: Surfshots Noosa Photography

By Tyler Hannigan

Megan Algate has taken part in an endurance event, finishing as the sixth best female and 29th overall out of almost 50 competitors.   

Algate, 46, competed in the Ultraman Australia, a three-day event on the Sunshine Coast that encompasses a 10km swim, a 421.1km bike ride and an 84.3km run (double marathon) to finish.

Day one consisted of the 10km swim and a 140km ride which Algate completed in the times of 4:01:06 and 5:25:15 respectively. Day two completed the bike ride with a 281km journey which Algate finished in 9:58:44 and day three saw her finish the 84km run in 9:52:26, giving her an overall time of 29:17:31.

Despite this being her first Ultraman event, Algate is no stranger to endurance racing.

“This was my first Ultraman distance event but I have previously completed seven Ironman races, five 1000km RMHC Ride for Sick Kids charity rides, a 24Hr MTB race and numerous 100km MTB races,” she said. 

“I’ve taken away something from each of these events which helped my preparation for Ultraman.”

That preparation had been going on for quite some time.

“Training for this event was a gradual build, starting from last year’s Ironman event in June,” Algate said. 

“Training was built around this base combined with the 1000km charity ride, a Half Ironman race and a 100km MTB race. 

“It was, at times, difficult to fit in the three different disciplines but with a structured training plan I was able to manage a training schedule to be fit enough for the huge distance of Ultraman.”

Given it was Algate’s first event of this nature, she said she was fairly reserved in her expectations.

“Going into the race I had one goal, to finish the race!. 

“Having never raced over this distance and not knowing anyone who had there was a lot of unknowns. I knew that I had put in the required training and had the right support crew to give myself the best chance to get to the finish line.”  

It’s safe to say that any long distance event will be tough but Ultraman Australia’s three-day format presents different challenges and Algate believes she wouldn’t have made it without her team. 

“There were many challenges to consider over the three days, including pacing myself, physically, to be fit for each stage and ensuring I maintain energy levels with my nutrition,” she explained. 

“But that was just the easy bit. Due to the nature of the event, it was vital that I had a support team who kept me fed and motivated over the course of the three days. 

“You cannot complete an event like this without a team who understood me and provided for all my needs during the race including regular nutrition stops, navigation, mechanical support and communication between race officials and other athletes. 

“My team of Minions (Nick Algate, Wayne Armitage, Taz and Kass Johnston) were unbelievable and I could not have finished without them in my corner. They were up at 3:30am every morning and didn’t stop until all was prepared for the next day.”

With her first Ultraman under her belt, Algate said a return was very much on the cards.

“My main goal was to finish the event and tick it off my bucket list. But I’ve learnt a lot from this amazing experience and I would like to go back one day and use the knowledge I’ve gained and see if I can improve on my time.”

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