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Diamond couple

Wednesday, 5th June, 2019

Helen and Colin Adams celebrate 60 years of marriage. PICTURE: Myles Burt Helen and Colin Adams celebrate 60 years of marriage. PICTURE: Myles Burt

By Myles Burt

Helen and Colin Adams will celebrate a diamond jubilee together as their marriage reaches a 60-year milestone.

Helen came to Broken Hill on a one-way ticket from Dalby, Queensland, in 1958 for a holiday with her sister.

Unable to afford the fare back to her hometown, Helen got a job at the Astra Hotel to fund a trip back to Dalby.

During her time here, Helen met Colin at The Palais, an old dance hall on Crystal Street which is now a furniture shop.

The two must have been very fond of each other as the pair said their vows soon after on June 6, 1959.

Their marriage brought about their son Paul, and a fantastic 60 years of friendship.

“It’s been a good life, we’ve had our ups and downs like everybody,” Helen said.

“We sit down every afternoon, have a quiet drink and just talk about things,” Colin said. “If we’ve got any problems we solve them.”

“We’ve got each other and we’ve been soulmates all our married life, that makes us happy,” Helen said.

The pair moved to Queensland in 1958 for four months, but quickly moved back to Broken Hill.

They still visit Helen’s home state of Queensland every two to three years as their son Paul now resides in the sunshine state.

“We said we’d come back (to Broken Hill) for a little while and then we’d leave,” Helen said.

“Well, we didn’t leave we got married instead and bought a house.”

Helen recently found their reception catering receipt from J.Pinder and Sons pastrycooks and caterers. They catered for 70 guests, baked a two tier wedding cake on pillars, and hired the Buffalo Hall (now the GUOOF Hall) for 42 pounds and 4 shillings, which in today’s money would be about $1693 - a bargain deal for a wedding.

The two were married at St Peters and Pauls Catholic Church on Murton Street, with what was a “lovely” service conducted by Father Sebastian.

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