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Goal bonanza

Wednesday, 5th June, 2019

Alma’s Laurence Hebbard wins the contest to head the ball away from their goals. PICTURE: Myles Burt Alma’s Laurence Hebbard wins the contest to head the ball away from their goals. PICTURE: Myles Burt

By Myles Burt

Last weekend saw a day of huge wins and losses on the field for Round 4 of Broken Hill soccer.

West pounced on Celtic in A Grade with an 8-2 win, as forward Chris West along with midfielders Bryant Mitchel and Tim Symonds struck hard to claim two goals each for West.

Jordan Cox also managed to rip through as a valuable midfielder, travelling back from the Miners Cup in Roxby Downs that day to play.

Celtic put up a good fight with players like Samuel Knell laying on the pressure against West midfielders.

Alma also played hard on the field but lost out 4-0 to St Joes who managed to make some crucial runs for goals.

St Joes has carried on their momentum after their win against West last week to see them become a formidable side in the competition.

Forward Daniel Rose along with midfielders Rob James and young gun Lachie Catonarr, who made his A Grade debut, took charge on the field.

Alma brought back a fierce game in the second half, solidifying their defence but unable to turn the score back in their favour.

Alma now looks to build upon their team chemistry and their younger players to patch up some play that could see make strides in weeks to come.

West and Alma wiped the field clean of competition in the Women’s taking home massive wins against Celtic and St Joes.

Alma charged again and again through the St Joes backline, slipping in an easy 15 goals.

Alma forward Bronte Johns proved untouchable on the field, claiming a ridiculous double digit 11 goals for herself in the match alone.

St Joes did their best with some of their best players off the field.

Pushing forward with midfielders Mel Moldenhauer and Cindy Knott connecting passes and applying pressure against Alma.

However, the field work provided by defender Phaige Hocking and midfielder Steph Harman was too much, as they managed to continually push the ball back against St Joes.

West midfielders Sabina Brown and Rebecca Deer ripped through the field without worry against Celtic, taking home four goals each.

West was in full form against Celtic who managed to continually run the play to their favour.

Celtic defender Phoebe Knell and goalkeeper Mikayla Berg made an exceptional effort to cut down numerous attempts by West attackers.

As Celtic players did their best to execute crucial runs for goal with no luck.

All teams faced a shortage of players in round four, relying on B Grade players to thicken their ranks.



A Grade

WEST 8 (C. West 2, B. Mitchell 2, T. Symonds 2, S. Hayward, J. Cox) def CELTIC 2 (A. Berg, A. Williams).

ST JOES 4 (J. Stubing, D. Rose, S. Grillet, R. James) def ALMA 0.

B Grade 

WEST 2 (A. Stuart, C. West) def CELTIC 1 (J. Dawes).

ALMA 8 def ST JOES 0.


WEST 9 (S. Brown 4, R. Deer 4, J. Cox) def CELTIC 0.

ALMA 15 (B. Johns 11, S. Harman 2, M. Hebbard, E. Bogucki) def ST JOES 0.

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