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Art of found objects

Tuesday, 11th June, 2019

Cyril Voss Cyril Voss

Local artist Clinton Cyril Voss has had considerable success in competitions and exhibitions in Broken Hill in the last year or two. 

In 2018, Cyril, as he prefers to be known, won the ‘Waste2Art Community Art Competition and Exhibition’ in Broken Hill, and was highly commended in the regional event.

Cyril creates landscapes and abstract pieces from the colours and forms of objects (broken glass, old tins, even metal pieces from the Silverton Tramway) that he finds “out scrub” in the field or from old buildings (houses, hotels, mine site structures).

Working the natural colours from differently aged glass and bottles, he allows the shape and form of his three-dimensional landscapes to evolve from the unchanged and eclectic shapes of small broken glass pieces.

With the help of light refraction, a unique three-dimensional mosaic is created from unaltered found materials. 

Owing to the use of coloured glass, light refraction plays an important role in morphing Cyril’s art into a range of dimensions.

A change in the light, for example, changes the perspective or mood of the mosaic.

This is why Cyril’s mosaics are photographed or displayed outdoors, capturing the sun’s rays and refracting light in different ways throughout the day.

Born in Renmark to a fruit and vegetable farming family, Cyril moved into winemaking.

It was not until he moved to Broken Hill to work in the mining industry in 2004 that he says, “the artistic juices started to flow”.

Cyril was often sampling near old mine-site homesteads, and found himself looking with wonder at the colour combinations of scattered broken glass from old bottles left glittering in the sun.

This was his first inspiration, along with discarded glass pieces with embossed textures.

“Art to me is giving new life and form to these unwanted, discarded historical items; a rebirth,” Cyril said.

 While he has had no formal training, he believes that being self-taught has allowed him to move freely across many different kinds of mediums - glass, iron, tin, wood, minerals, oil, nature photography - without having to be “hemmed in” or “put in a box”.

Cyril Voss is the Broken Hill Historical Society’s next guest speaker.

He will speak about his artistic approach to using aged found objects and also present some of his art pieces. All are, as always, very welcome to attend.


WHAT: Cyril Voss live

WHEN: Monday, June 17, 7.30 pm

WHERE: Ralph Wallace Centre, 165 Wolfram Street

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