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Menacing Bulldogs maul Magpies

Monday, 8th July, 2019

Central’s Jack Roberts is set upon by North’s Luke Jones (left) and Tobias Hack. PICTURE: Kelsie Mitchell Central’s Jack Roberts is set upon by North’s Luke Jones (left) and Tobias Hack. PICTURE: Kelsie Mitchell

By Kelsie Mitchell

Under the bright sun at the Jubilee Oval, North belted Central by a whopping 176 points thanks to a dozen goals by Curtis Jelbert. 

The signs were good early for North after Jayden Kelly seamlessly slotted a goal within the opening twenty seconds before Anthony Henderson went on to kick their second goal a minute later. It was goal after goal for the Bulldogs as they steadily grew their lead.

Kelly’s and Tyler McInnes’ efforts stood out this quarter while Central’s Jake Benton and Samuel Beven tried hard to keep their side in the contest. 

Ultimately, the quarter belonged to North as they held Central scoreless and took a 40-point lead into quarter-time.

In the second term, Central pushed harder to try and match up with North. Sheldon Hall, in his first game of 2019, and Lachlan Jenkin showed some good signs although, Central continued to be well out-classed. 

It was a serious case of deja vu as North kicked goal after goal again. Quinton Beavan kicked the first for the quarter five minutes in and this was quickly followed by a goal from former Magpie Curtis Jelbert a couple of minutes later. 

Jelbert went on to kick four goals for North in the term as they grew their lead to 93 points at halftime.

This game was done but North kept up their intensity and opened the third quarter with their 15th goal of the day before McInnes added his name to the goal kicking tally four minutes later. 

North’s play remained excellent and they continued to dominate this term. Central’s defence tried to put a halt on North but they were unsuccessful as players such as Kelly, Jelbert and Jordan Vella kicked truly in a nine-goal quarter. 

Central continued to show effort, particularly junior Cooper Oates, but they were facing a phenomenal 152-point deficit heading into the final quarter.

Jelbert was on a roll and kicked the opening goal for the final quarter as the intensity dropped from the game. North added four goals in this term as well as seven behinds. 

Central kept fighting until the final siren and were able to get the ball near their goals a few times. It was after a beautiful pass to Oates that he kicked Central’s only goal for the entire game with a few minutes left. Oates showed plenty of promise in this match and has a lot of potential going forward for the Pies. 

Jelbert finished with a monster 12-goal haul and Jayden Kelly was brilliant with four goals whilst playing a midfield/forward role. Tobias Hack and Quinton Beavan were assets to the team as usual while McInnes and Eddie Morgan were crucial in the middle. 

On the other hand, standouts for Central haven’t changed much from game to game. Skipper Jason Masclet played well as always, as did Josh Hanford. Rhian Curtis, Beven and Hall battled well throughout the day as well.



NORTH:   6.4    14.10    23.15    27.22 (184) def 

CENTRAL:    0.0    0.1    0.1   1.2 (8)



North: C. Jelbert 12, J. Kelly 4, A. Henderson 3, J. Vella 2, T. Hack, Q. Beavan, S. Dalby, T. McInnes, T. Barraclough, M. McKenzie

Central: C. Oates



North: C. Jelbert, J. Kelly, T. McInnes, E. Morgan, A. Henderson, T. Hack

Central: J. Masclet, J. Hanford, R. Curtis, S. Beven, S. Hall, C. Oates

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