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Celtic shootout success

Tuesday, 30th July, 2019

Celtic’s Jack Stacey launches the ball forward before Alma’s Joel Van Kemenade can get across to shut him down. PICTURE: Tyler Hannigan Celtic’s Jack Stacey launches the ball forward before Alma’s Joel Van Kemenade can get across to shut him down. PICTURE: Tyler Hannigan

By Tyler Hannigan

Celtic United came out on top in a high-scoring affair while West eked out an important win in round nine of the local soccer season on Sunday.

In the early A Grade matchup on the bottom pitch at the Broken Hill Soccer Grounds, goals came thick and fast in a first half dominated by Celtic.

United had their first thanks to a lovely header by Callum Marshall that found the bottom corner of the net. That goal was set up by a pinpoint cross by Tom McRae from a free-kick.

Celtic’s next goal didn’t even come from then as confusion by Alma’s defenders deep in their own territory eventually led to an own goal and put them two-nil down. Alma’s defensive woes continued shortly after as Celtic’s Jared Stuart pounced on an errant pass and duly slotted his team’s third goal of the afternoon.

The Goats finally had some joy towards halftime when Joel Van Kemenade slammed home a goal to open their account. Van Kemenade was congratulated by his teammates including his father Wayne.

Down 3-1 at halftime, Alma needed everything to go their way in the second half and while they scored twice, through Samuel Harrap and Colby Stenhouse, they just couldn’t stop Celtic from finding the back of the net as Stuart and Marshall both added to their tallies and Celtic ran out 5-3 winners.

Along with Marshall and Stuart, who were the standouts for Celtic, Blake Rogers and McRae turned in impressive performances while Daniel Timperio showed plenty in his first appearance since switching from St Joes.

For Alma, EJ Hocking and Codey Ralph were their best while Wayne Van Kemenade played well after being moved into a more defensive midfield role mid-way through the first half.

Later in the day saw first-placed West up against the second-placed St Joes and it was a different game than the one preceding it with just two goals scored for the entire 90 minutes.

Those goals went West’s way off the boot of prolific scorer Jordan Cox, who rarely goes a week without finding his name on the scoresheet, and Chris West. 

That gave Panthers a vital 2-0 win and gain some breathing room from St Joes on the A Grade table. There’s still plenty of games to go but at this stage West will be favourites to take out top spot and go straight through to a grand final once again.

St Joes will be looking to bounce back quickly when they face Alma next week but cannot afford to take the Goats lightly. Alma might be short on senior players but they have plenty of talent and scoring power.

In the other results on Sunday, the West women made light work of St Joes with Jessie Langdon scoring a hat-trick in the 7-0 win while Alma easily defeated Celtic 5-1 in their clash.

Alma also tasted success in B Grade, defeating Celtic 4-2, as did the Panthers who smashed St Joes 8-0. 



A Grade

CELTIC 5 (C. Marshall 2, J. Stuart 2, Own Goal) def ALMA 3 (J. Van Kemenade, C. Stenhouse, S. Harrap)

WEST 2 (J. Cox, C. West) def ST JOES 0

B Grade

ALMA 4 (L. Sheehan 2, J. Parker, C. Stenhouse) def CELTIC 2 (C. O’Connor, J. Dawes)

WEST 8 (D. Smith 3, D. West 2, J. Betcke, K. Gilmour, L. Kooyman) def ST JOES 0


WEST 7 (J. Langdon 3, W. Van Merwe, C. Bloomfield, E. Everitt, J. Cox) def ST JOES 0

ALMA 5 (S. Harman, H. Celotto, M. Schenk, B. Johns, Own Goal) def CELTIC 1 (C. Lee)


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