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South and North big winners

Thursday, 1st August, 2019

South’s Melisa Keenan takes a mark on Saturday. Keenan booted seven goals in South’s big win over Central at the Alma Oval. PICTURE: Tyler Hannigan South’s Melisa Keenan takes a mark on Saturday. Keenan booted seven goals in South’s big win over Central at the Alma Oval. PICTURE: Tyler Hannigan

By Tyler Hannigan

It was a clean sweep for South at the Alma Oval on Saturday, headlined by a seven-goal haul by Melisa Keenan in the women’s game, while North also picked up a big reserves win over the Robins.


Keenan’s best performance of the season so far came against the Magpies on Saturday as she led her side to a huge 67-point win. Eliza Cumming was once again amongst South’s best along with Sarah Burns and Britney McInnes.

Shelby Raven was easily Central’s standout and kicked their only goal of the afternoon with a running effort that contained five or six bounces in the final minute of the game.

Across town it was a much closer game and the bottom-placed Bulldogs even held a 13-point lead against the top of the ladder West at halftime, but the second half belong to the Robins as they ran away with a 14-point win.

Sophie Palmer kicked two goals for West and Brydie Mannion was named as their best while Natalie McMahon and Ebony Watson were North’s better players on the day.  

West are in the box seat to finish first and can lock that up with a win over South this coming Saturday. Despite their fifth-straight loss, the Magpies still sit in third place on the ladder but will need a big effort next weekend against an improving North side as the two battle for third spot.


South held off a brave Central side and kicked away late to win by 44 points. Nick Brown and Ryan Gillespie were impressive for the Roos while Leo Johnson, with three goals, was Central’s best player.

North’s reserves kept pace with the Roos in the race for the minor premiership with an 80-point victory over the Robins at the Jubilee Oval. 

Ethan Slater pushed his case for a senior call-up following his return from injury with four goals while Jackson Pryor and Nash Mitchell were named as the Bulldogs’ better players. Peter Christos and Tim Nicholson were West’s standouts as the Robins fell to their fifth loss of the season.  

Under 15

Ty Parker kicked six goals and Mason McCully booted five to lead South to a huge 149-point win over the Magpies while Dwight Chestnut was Central’s best once again.

Seven goals from Kody Ellis headlined North’s win against the Robins at the Jube with Joel Van Kemenade continuing his strong season by being awarded West’s best player.

Under 13

It was a heavy win to South as both Max Roberts and Layken Arnold booted three goals against Central. Brock McInnes-Franklyn was named as Central’s best. 

North also scored a comfortable win at the Jubilee Oval with Rhys Pitt, Kain Berryman and Jack Milkins kicking two goals apiece. Oliver Campbell and Corrin Fillery were West’s standouts.



SOUTH: 12.11 (83) def CENTRAL: 6.3 (39)


South: A. Slattery 2, L. Farquhar 2, A. Crombie, H. Wood, N. Brown, T. Wood, P. Neal, T. Boland, C. Sanderson, R. Gillespie

Central:L. Johnson 3, S. King, S. Ratnaweera, A. Johnson


South: N. Brown, R. Gillespie, C. Sanderson, L. Farquhar, B. Treloar, R. Davis

Central:L. Johnson, S. King, J. McClure, J. Higgins, A. Rhodes, D. Zanette

NORTH: 16.9 (105) def WEST: 3.7 (25)


North: E. Slater 4, B. Deacon 2, B. Schorn 2, R. Turner, C. Jones, T. Langford, B. Shepherd, J. Schorn, D. Kennedy, M. McKenzie, J. Burcher

West: P. Christos 2, M. Buckland


North: J. Pryor, N. Mitchell, C. Jones, E. Slater, D. Gottani, B. Shepherd

West: P. Christos, T. Nicholson, J. Harvey, M. Buckley, L. Bell, G. Edge


Team P W L Pts %

NORTH 11 8 3 16 141.88

SOUTH 11 8 3 16 139.13

WEST 11 6 5 12 97.67

CENTRAL 11 0 11 0 50.42


Jackson Schorn(N) - 16

Peter Christos(W) - 14

Brandon Westley(S) - 7

Brett Martin(W) - 7

Jordan Rowlands(S) - 7


SOUTH: 11.7 (73) def CENTRAL: 1.0 (6)


South: M. Keenan 7, M. Edgecumbe 2, S. Nevill, E. Cumming

Central: S. Raven


South: E. Cumming, M. Keenan, S. Burns, B. McInnes, S. Gillespie, A. Stevens

Central:S. Raven, A. Forbes, B. Sowden, G. Browne, C. Ralph, E. Camilleri

WEST: 4.4 (28) def NORTH: 2.2 (14)


West: S. Palmer 2, A. Evans, P. Knell

North: S. Milne, B. Gibson


West: B. Mannion, P. Knell, S. Harrington, J. Cooke, A. Evans, K. Williams

North: N. McMahon, E. Watson, R. Deer, B. Tangey, C. Lee, S. Robinson 


Team P W L D Pts %

WEST 11 9 1 1 19 330.37

SOUTH 11 7 3 1 15 127.43

CENTRAL 11 3 8 0 6 35.08

NORTH 11 2 9 0 4 68.15


Melisa Keenan(S) - 18

Sophie Palmer(W) - 13

Sasha Harrington(W) - 10

Erin Buttriss(W) - 9

Amber Evans(W) - 8

Under 15

SOUTH: 24.11 (155) def CENTRAL: 1.0 (6)


South: T. Parker 6, M. McCully 5, S. Durbidge 2, B. Boney, D. Daddow, K. Johnson, B. Langdon, L. Ferguson, L. Cole, L. Dannatt, C. Everuss, M. Purcell, G. Thornton, B. Miani

Central:B. Bottrell


South: T. Parker, M. Purcell, S. Durbidge, C. Everuss, D. Daddow, M. McCully

Central: D. Chestnut, R. Williams , N. Devoy, A. Chestnut, B. McInnes-Franklyn, J. Chestnut

NORTH: 11.12 (78) def WEST: 5.2 (32)


North: K. Ellis 7, M. Standley, L. Barraclough, J. Johnson, K. Blore

West: M. Taylor 2, J. Van Kemenade 2, F. Squire


North: C. Berryman, K. Ellis, L. Turley, Y. Goss, S. Micallef, M. Standley

West: J. Van Kemenade, J. Savage, M. Taylor, C. Burke, T. Chapman, J. Campbell

 Under 13

SOUTH: 10.13 (73) def CENTRAL: 0.1 (1)


South: M. Roberts 3, L. Arnold 3, K. Stenhouse, C. Lawrence, N. Sparrow, D. Waites


South: D. Waites, W. James, N. Sparrow, L. Arnold, M. Roberts, C. Lawrence

Central: B. McInnes-Franklyn, R. Williams, L. Flaton, J. Chestnut, N. Schaefer, H. Ragenovich

NORTH: 8.6 (54) def WEST: 3.1 (19)


North: R. Pitt 2, K. Berryman 2, J. Milkins 2, W. Milkins, K. McAllister

West: E. Chestnut 2, N. Nelson


North: T. Pitt, R. Pitt, C. Lihou, J. Milkins, C. Coombes, C. Turley

West: O. Campbell, C. Fillery, J. Doody, C. McEvoy, K. Ebsworth, H. Bromson

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