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Top spot for HQ

Friday, 2nd August, 2019

By Emily McInerney

Broken Hill police are excited to be pushing forward with the new station project, after City Council approved a block of land for sale.

Council announced at their monthly meeting on Wednesday night that police were interested in Kintore Reserve for the new police station.

Currently, the West Darling Machinery Preservation Society keeps the refurbished picnic train on that land. Council voted to move the train, possibly to Queen Elizabeth Park.

Barrier District Superintendent Paul Smith said they had been in discussions over a number of blocks of land since May last year.

“Our focus was for the best location for the new police station,” Sup. Smith said.

“It won’t be just a police station, but will house our district headquarters and have forensic capabilities.

“It will be a major policing complex for all of the Barrier District.”

Sup. Smith said they wanted to stay as centrally located as possible.

“We couldn’t build this on our current site,” he said.

“It was important for us, council and the community that we secure a good site.

“We’ve worked with council to make it happen and now we are going through the correct processes.”

Sup. Smith said it was important that the new location be central to the CBD.

“A number of our calls for assistance come from around the city, so we needed to be central to where we receive our calls.

“We also had to be close to the courthouse and jail. It’s positive that we are opposite the Tourist Information Centre.

“Having a central location will be beneficial for locals and tourists.”

Sup. Smith said they would enter into contract negotiations with council.

He said any plans to move the picnic train and pay for it will come under those negotiations.

“The West Darling Machinery Preservation Society is a good local community organisation,” he said.

He said the move to the new location would be positive for residents.

“There will be a security increase, it’s not an industrial complex; so I don’t think noise will be a huge concern.

“The Bromide Street block is a big block and we don’t think the building will take up the entire block.”

The next step once the land has been purchased will be to put out to tender to secure plans.

“Once we’ve secured the block, we will then go to tender for someone to develop the building plans.

“We would like that to happen as soon as possible. We have a due process to follow.”

Sup. Smith said the new station would take the police into the future.

“This is a $16.2 million build for the city,” he said.

“The last police station has lasted 130 years, this new station will take us into the future with our technology and forensic equipment.

“It will be a 24-hour complex that will benefit the whole district.”

Mayor Darriea Turley said the project had been progressing well.

“This is a great opportunity for Broken Hill,” she said.

“My thoughts were around the train, where do the Preservation Society want to be?

“Before anyone could move forward, Council had a discussion with them, they really looked at the opportunity.

“They really liked Queen Elizabeth Park.

“Council was looking at investing money into the park next year and doing the upgrades for that.

“This will be a winner for Queen Elizabeth Park, having that train down there.”

Mayor Turley said keeping the police station in the CBD was an important factor.

“The fact that the police station will be in town is another bonus here.

“We will have the work force in town, but we will also have that security and presence in place.

“That’s very important to make sure people know we are safe in Broken Hill.”

The West Darling Machinery Preservation Society was contacted for comment along with a number of businesses in the Bromide Street precinct.

Gloria Jeans didn’t want to make a comment regarding the possible influx of business.

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