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Central, South women take points

Thursday, 8th August, 2019

Central’s Shelby Raven, shown in action in round 11, was one of her team’s best in their important round 12 win over North last Saturday. PICTURE: Tyler Hannigan Central’s Shelby Raven, shown in action in round 11, was one of her team’s best in their important round 12 win over North last Saturday. PICTURE: Tyler Hannigan

By Tyler Hannigan

Both the Central and South women’s sides scored important wins last Saturday but it was West and North who enjoyed the better of the lower grade games in round 12.



First played second as South hosted West at the Alma Oval and, as has become a trend of late, the Robins let their opposition get off to a great start.

South led by 13 points at quarter-time and extended that to 20 points at the main break as West failed to score in the first half. The Robins finally got going in the third term with three goals to South’s two and reduced the deficit to just 12 points with a quarter to go.

It looked as if West would get out of jail once again with a strong finish to the game but it was not to be on Saturday as South held on by five points despite not scoring in that final term. Bronte Johns kicked two goals for the Roos while West had four different goal kickers including Rachael Wheatley in her 100th women’s game. 

Brydie Mannion and Phoebe Knell were named West’s best while Abbey Stevens and Sarah Gillespie were the standouts for South as they celebrated Kacee Milnes’ 100th game in style.

Across town it was Central who proved too good for North and put themselves in the box seat to play finals.

Neither side scored a goal in the first half but a strong second stanza from the Magpies saw them take the win by 15 points. Emma Camilleri booted two goals for Central while Ash Forbes and Shelby Raven continued their very good seasons and Caitlin Lee was North’s best on a tough day.



An inspired second half led West to their seventh win of the season as they ran away to a 20-point win.

Down by 13 points at halftime, the Robins turned it around to kick 6.5 in the final two quarters while holding South scoreless. 

Zane Kemp, Rylie McInnes and Cowen Smith all kicked two goals apiece for the Robins with Peter Christos and Gary Edge named as their best. Brendon Heinjus and Deklin Langdon were South’s better players.

North had a much easier time of it at the Jubilee Oval as they belted Central’s reserves by 74 points set up by a nine-goal to one first half. 

Dakoda Hocking, Jakarda Cini and Jackson Schorn all booted three goals apiece for the Bulldogs with Matthew McKenzie named as their best while Jayson Higgins and Sinele King were impressive for the Magpies.

The win, coupled with South’s loss, moves North a game clear atop the Reserves ladder with three rounds to go.


Under 15

West cruised to a 39-point win over the Roos thanks to a two-goal, best on ground effort by Joel Van Kemenade. Bryce Langdon booted a goal for South and was named as their best.

At the Jubilee Oval, five goals each from Mckaide Standley and Jet Johnson led the Bulldogs to a huge win over Central. Dwight Chestnut battled hard for the Magpies.


Under 13

West also picked up a comfortable win at the start of the day with their under 13s defeating South by 36 points. Jarvis Doody was West’s best while Douglas Waites was the standout player for the Roos.

In the other game, North’s Kain Berryman had a day out with seven goals in a best on ground performance as the Bulldogs won by 113 points. Central’s Harrison Ragenovich was their best on a tough day. 





SOUTH: 5.2 (32) def WEST: 4.3 (27)


South - B. Johns 2, S. Nevill, A. Purcell, F. Baldwin

West - R. Wheatley, S. Harrington, W. Ellie-Rose, S. Palmer


South - A. Stevens, S. Gillespie, N. Collins, F. Baldwin, E. Cumming, M. Keenan

West - B. Mannion, P. Knell, S. Palmer, I. Paull, L. Bornholdt, P. Mahoney

CENTRAL: 3.6 (24) def NORTH: 1.3 (9)


Central - E. Camilleri 2, G. Crowley

North - J. Smith


Central - A. Forbes, S. Raven, E. Camilleri, G. Browne, B. Sowden, M. Cattermole

North - C. Lee, S. Robinson, E. Watson, N. McMahon, R. Deer, E. Lever



Team  P  W  L  D  Pts  %

WEST  12  9  2  1  19  283.23

SOUTH  12  8  3  1  17  126.52

CENTRAL  12  4  8  0  8  39.95

NORTH  12  2  10  0  4  66.11



WEST: 7.9 (51) def SOUTH: 4.7 (31)


West - Z. Kemp 2, C. Smith 2, R. McInnes 2, P. Christos

South - S. Edgecumbe, A. Crombie, D. Langdon, C. Sanderson


West - P. Christos, G. Edge, A. Garry, C. Smith, K. Hocking, M. Powell

South - B. Heinjus, D. Langdon, C. Sanderson, B. Treloar, P. Neal, K. McKenzie

NORTH: 14.13 (97) def CENTRAL: 2.11 (23)


North - D. Hocking 3, J. Cini 3, J. Schorn 3, B. Adams 2, B. Schorn, J. Burcher, M. McKenzie

Central - K. Fennell, L. Johnson


North - M. McKenzie, B. Schorn, J. Burcher, J. Schorn, T. McRae, A. Hamilton

Central - J. Higgins, S. King, S. Woodhall, S. Watts, L. Turner, J. Pietrzak



Team  P  W  L  D  Pts  %

NORTH  12  9  3  0  18  154.99

SOUTH  12  8  4  0  16  130.94

WEST  12  7  5  0  14  101.19

CENTRAL  12  0  12  0  0  47.23



WEST: 8.10 (58) def SOUTH: 3.1 (19)


West - C. Burke 2, J. Van Kemenade 2, L. Johnstone, J. Savage, H. Bromson, C. Fillery

South - B. Langdon, D. Waites, N. Sparrow


West - J. Van Kemenade, J. Savage, C. Burke, J. Campbell, F. Squire, T. Chapman

South - B. Langdon, M. Purcell, D. Waites, D. Daddow, S. Durbidge, C. Everuss

NORTH: 27.21 (183) def CENTRAL: 0.0 (0)


North - M. Standley 5, J. Johnson 5, K. Ellis 4, L. Turley 3, L. Barraclough 2, S. Micallef 2, Y. Goss, T. Graffin, T. Lihou, C. Berryman, S. Johnson, M. Langford


North - J. Johnson, K. Ellis, L. Turley, S. Micallef, M. Standley, Y. Goss

Central - D. Chestnut, T. Hudson, L. Williams, A. Chestnut, P. Power, R. Whyman



WEST: 7.7 (49) def SOUTH: 2.1 (13)


West - H. Bromson 3, C. Fillery, H. Norris, T. Ball, O. Campbell

South - L. Arnold, M. Roberts


West - J. Doody, O. Campbell, C. Fillery, T. Hammond, T. Ball, E. Chestnut

South - D. Waites, L. Arnold, W. James, M. Roberts, B. Edge, J. Daddow

NORTH: 16.17 (113) def CENTRAL: 0.0 (0)


North - K. Berryman 7, C. Lihou 3, R. Fettell, R. Wilson, W. Milkins, R. Pitt, L. Fettell, L. Ferguson


North - K. Berryman, C. Lihou, R. Wilson, L. Ferguson, R. Pitt, R. Fettell

Central - H. Ragenovich, J. Whyman, J. Zanette, J. Austin, A. Vine, N. Schaefer

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