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Golden anniversary

Friday, 6th September, 2019

Rita and Michael Bruggy have been married for 50 years today. PICTURE: Emily McInerney Rita and Michael Bruggy have been married for 50 years today. PICTURE: Emily McInerney

By Emily McInerney

Despite being married for 50 years, Rita and Michael Bruggy said there was no secret to success.

Rita and Michael were married on September 6, 1969, at the All Saints Church.

“That’s where my parents were married,” Rita said.

“The priest was Jack Maroney.”

Rita remembers it being dusty that morning.

“We lived in Eyre Street, so there was dust around,” she said.

“Rita’s father owned tractors and heavy machinery,” Michael said.

“He spent the morning of the wedding pushing all the sand off the footpath for her to walk on.”

Rita said she was worried about how the day would do out.

“In the end I thought there is nothing you can do about it.”

The pair met at a dance in 1966 and agreed to have a date on Valentine’s Day the next week.

“We got together on the day the decimal currency was introduced,” Michael said.

“We were going together for about three years before we got married.”

Michael, an avid vintage car enthusiast, had an R series fully imported Valiant which he found Rita sitting on after the dance.

He said she continued to sit on it for the next three years, but he never told her off.

“She was a stunner, she was very good looking.

“We would often go on a lot of group dates and that led to individual dates.”

Michael worked at the Barrier Miner as Circulation Manager before heading to the North Mine and working there until it shut.

“The Barrier Miner owned 2BH at that time, so I would handle the pays and paperwork.

“I left just before it shut and went to the North Mine. I was there until 1989.”

Rita worked at the Bank of NSW and finished up when she was pregnant.

“I chose to leave and not go back.”

The pair had three children; Andrew, Angela and Adrian.

“The three As,” Michael said.

They have seven grandchildren.

“They are all beautiful,” Rita said.

“All different and all special in their own way.”

All the family will be arriving in town to help Rita and Michael celebrate their special day. There will also be a party on Saturday night.

“Just a small get together with finger food and talk,” Michael said.

“My best man and groomsman will be travelling to attend.”

While 50 years is a long time to be married, the pair said they have no secret to success.

“We’ve had some doozies,” Rita said.

“There is no secret.

“It is hard, you are constantly learning about each other,” Michael said.

“And we’re still trying to sort out what we’ve learnt,” Rita added.

Rita said it did help that she speaks Italian and Yugoslav.

“When we have an argument, he doesn’t know what I’m saying. So it’s a win/win.

“No matter what you’ve always supported me,” Michael said.

“And I support you.

“Rita is an excellent cook, so I think that helped get me home every night.”

Michael is in the Probus Club and Vintage Car Club and Rita spends time doing patchwork and quilting.

“Whatever we got involved in Rita was always right behind me,” Michael said.

“It’s important to be supportive and encouraging,” Rita said.

While Rita is an amazing cook, she said 50 years is a long time to have done it.

“I hate cooking, but when all my family come home I love it.

“The grandkids call me Nonnie and when I’m cranky they know.”

Michael also dabbles in art and painting.

“But Rita was always good at everything she takes.

“Tapestry, cake decorating, quilt making. She made all the kids’ clothes.

“She’s an outstanding person in her abilities.”

The pair were able to share a special exhibition at the Regional Art Gallery through the Year of the Family Exhibition.

“Michael had his artworks and I had all my quilts.

“It was a mind-blowing and exhilarating experience.

“We do it because we love it.”

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