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It’s time we did something

Friday, 6th September, 2019

Helen McAfee Helen McAfee

By Myles Burt

Inspired by grazier Rob McBride selling Wyoming Station, Helen McAfee has begun fundraising to take legal action for the Darling River.

Ms McAfee said she’s been passionate about the water issues along the Darling River for some time.

But after reading about Mr McBride’s decision to sell one of his stations to fund legal action over water mismanagement, it has spurred her on to do more.

“If someone’s prepared to sell one of their properties, it’s time the community did something,” Ms McAfee said.

Ms McAfee is now looking to gather community support to help fund and organise a class action lawsuit around water mismanagement on the Darling River.

Ms McAfee is open for other individuals and groups to become involved as she hopes her fundraising effort will eventually form into a strong committee.

“I’ve formed a view that the best way to tackle it would be a class action, and get a huge one if you combine the areas that adjoin ours too, which I think you could,” Ms McAfee said.

“It will be quite a big legal fight because you can imagine the northern irrigators are going to put up a tremendous fight.

“They’re not going to let go of what they’ve got very easily.”

Those who would like to contribute to Ms McAfee’s fundraising efforts can do so via https://bit.ly/2k3K04f

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