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Monday, 9th September, 2019

(Left) Simon O’Brien, Marc Purcell, Mrs Johns, Drew Mashford, (back, left) Arlen Bird and Casey Paull with the cup. PICTURE: Gavin Schmidt (Left) Simon O’Brien, Marc Purcell, Mrs Johns, Drew Mashford, (back, left) Arlen Bird and Casey Paull with the cup. PICTURE: Gavin Schmidt

By Emily McInerney

South proved to be the dominant team on Saturday with goal-kicking accuracy, pressure and hitting their marks to win by 20 points over North.

While the sun was out on Saturday, the wind was also in full-force, causing some major upsets during the main game.

North were quick out of the blocks with Kelly marking a sitter, but a missed chance for goal saw the start of North’s missed opportunities.

Anthony Henderson was the next to get a shot but also failed to convert.

Then Shane Dalby had a chance but also missed. A few more points and North were five points up.

It wasn’t until the 17th minute in before South were able to get the first goal of the quarter with Cody Schorn putting it away.

North coach Codie Howard scored a point to even the score.

Tobias Hack then managed to steal the ball for a quick goal, which was called back.

Unfortunately, the wind didn’t play in his favour and he got a point.

The first quarter finished at 0.7 (7) for North and 1.0 (6) for South.

South came out firing in the second quarter with Wade Gepp scoring a goal in the first minute.

Dalby received a free and was able to secure a goal as well.

South vice-captain Marcus O’Brien hit a point to tie the score.

Another point to North, before Schorn kicked a goal putting South five points in front.

Another 1.1 by Schorn put South 12 points in front.

Adam Slattery then kicked a goal for South with captain Marc Purcell following suit.

South led by 23 points going into half-time.

In the third quarter, Henderson was quick to get a goal for North followed by a point from Hack.

Jake Borlace went down with a wrist or arm injury and was rushed off the field.

North’s Ethan Slater shot across goals for a point, followed by another point from Blake Clare.

It was 15 points the difference by the end of the third quarter.

The fourth quarter was a scrappy affair with Slater kicking a goal for North.

North had South in their sights with only 9 points in it.

Another point and the gap was closing.

O’Brien ran into an open goal with little resistance to kick a goal for South.

Another point and South were secure in their 20 point lead.

The ball was a slippery one with players struggling to keep their hands on it.

North failed to capitalise, and let the wind get the best of them.

Jayden Kelly, Codie Howard, and Quinton Beaven were again in the best, with Matt Dempster and Brett Johnson showing their experience in being able to capture the ball.

However, South were just better on the day.

Their height in Gepp and Madden Paul, along with the continued skill of Purcell and Schorn put them miles ahead of North.

North’s Tyler McInnes and South’s Marc Purcell were awarded Best on Ground, with South’s Drew Hardy taking out the Stan Brooks Medal.

After the game, South coach Drew Mashford thanked North for being a great side to play against.

“Thanks to the North Football Club, it’s always a battle out there.

“We’ve now secured the three in a row.

“We made a deliberate play not to mention it this time.”

He said their game plan was a bit different and there were some nervous moments.

“We took on a different approach,” Mashford said.

“It was a bit nerve-wracking.

“North are never an easy team to beat.

“If you go out thinking you will get an easy win, that’s just not the North mentality.

“They really fought back.”

He said by the second half, South were able to put the pressure back on.

“Our back lines always go unheralded but we had the full back six together and it showed.”

He said it was great to have a squad of 46 to choose from.

“I do feel for the boys that missed out.”

But there were many who went above and beyond to perform.

“Mitchell Henderson was fantastic in the ruck all day.

“Angus Collins, Riley Schorn, Alex Johnston and of course Cody Schorn were all amazing.”

He said the club would be a hive of activity now.

“We’ve had a few quiet weeks now but we are ready for a big celebration.

“Now the party can begin.”

When asked if he would be back next year to coach, Mashford said it was early days.

“We’ve got a few weeks to think about it, it will depend on how many weeks the season is next year.”



South  1.0  6.2  6.3  8.5 (53)


North  0.7  1.9  2.12  3.15 (33)

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