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West women win first

Monday, 9th September, 2019

The winning West Women’s team. PICTURE: Gavin Schmidt The winning West Women’s team. PICTURE: Gavin Schmidt

By Emily McInerney

The West Women’s football team secured their first premiership win on Saturday with strength and determination.

South made a comeback for the win but West kept them down beating them by 17 points.

West were strong right off the mark, scoring a point in the first three minutes followed by a goal by Cilla Mahoney.

South were scoreless for the first quarter.

They managed to score a point in the second quarter but struggled to convert anything further.

Sophie Palmer scored West’s only point for that quarter shortly after.

South put the pressure on in the second quarter and did well to keep West goal-less but they also failed to make any inroads on the scoreboard.

After half-time, West’s Sasha Harrington came out blazing with a goal.

Palmer kicked a goal and that put West 25 points in front.

Erin Buttriss was strong for West, kicking another point.

West were proving themselves in the middle and ensuring the ball stayed firmly with them.

Another point saw West up by 28 going into the final quarter.

South were ready to give up though, with captain Shae Nevill kicking their first goal.

This was followed by Jordynn Arnold also kicking a goal for South.

However, South had no more time to continue their comeback as the siren sounded and West were victorious.

South performed really well and players like Melisa Keenan, Shante King and Kirstie Lenton proved their worth.

West had a number of outstanding players including Indianna Paull and Paige Cuy, but defensively none could compare to Rachel Wheatley and Lily Bornholdt.

The Best on Ground were Alice Bright for South and Phoebe Knell for West.

After the game, West coach Nathan Pearce said he was impressed with their defensive pressure.

“It was outstanding, they played pretty good across the board.

“For the West ladies to go seven years only playing in one final series; it was their time.

“We wanted to ensure our experienced players in Cilla and Gaylee Honson would take a premiership - that was awesome.

“I didn’t get nervous, the team had played well in all of their 15 games.

“I knew we would structure up well.”

He said Knell had a fantastic game.

“Her second half was outstanding, she loves the red and black and we would expect nothing less.”

Pearce said he was looking forward to coming back next year.



West  2.1  2.2  4.5  4.6 (30)


South  0.0  0.1  0.1  2.1 (13)

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