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South Reserves too good

Monday, 9th September, 2019

The winning South Reserves side. PICTURE: Gavin Schmidt The winning South Reserves side. PICTURE: Gavin Schmidt

By Emily McInerney

A determined West couldn’t keep a strong South side from steamrolling them in the Reserves match-up - the Roos won by 38 points.

A determined West started strong off the mark with a goal to Caleb Craven and Cowen Smith.

This was shortly followed by a goal to South’s Michael Vlatko and another goal to South.

Vlatko kicked a point as South continued to put the pressure on and smother West every time they got the ball.

Jack Burke was superb in the ruck for West and they went in only two points the difference at the first quarter.

South came out strong in the second with another point and a goal.

West’s Ben McInerney attempted to kick a goal from 50m which fell short to Ash Bates, who was able to get West their third goal.

A goal to South’s Simon O’Brien, and West were overrun by South.

At half-time South were 11 points in front.

West must have received a good talking to from coach Phil Bell at half-time because Rylie McInnes came out on fire.

He managed to kick West’s fourth goal within two minutes.

However South were too strong, kicking two unanswered goals.

South’s Casey Sanderson kicked another and they were 23 points in front.

South’s ability to continue to hit targets outweighed West and they managed to get another 1.1.

The start of the last quarter saw South get another 1.1.

Bailey Treloar proved an asset to South and West couldn’t lock him up.

O’Brien was another strength and his league expertise showed.

Another 1.1 and South wrapped up the game keeping West scoreless for the fourth.

The Best on Ground were Malcolm Buckland for West and Simon O’Brien for South.

After the game, South coach Anthony Farquhar said it had been a hard and long season.

“I’m really proud of the effort everyone put in,” he said.

“Taz Wood was sensational in the back half, he did his job beautifully.

“We were pretty even across the field.

“There wasn’t really any nerves, we were able to shake off West and absorb the pressure pretty good.

“We settled in and had a run at it.

“The scoreboard speaks for itself.”

South had a lot of strong players in Reserves and West were just not able to keep up.

They allowed themselves to be swamped by their opposition and couldn’t get the ball out.



South  2.2  4.5  8.5  9.8 (62) 


West  2.0  3.0  4.0  4.0 (24) 

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