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Money on your wrist

Wednesday, 11th September, 2019

Broken Heel Festival wristbands. PICTURE: Myles Burt Broken Heel Festival wristbands. PICTURE: Myles Burt

By Myles Burt

The Broken Heel Festival is looking to phase out cash and cards after shipping in new electronic wristbands.

The wristbands have been supplied by Tappit, a UK-based company that provides a RFID cashless payment system for events around the world.

Festival director Esther La Rovere said the reason behind the move was to make service faster and easier for staff and patrons.

“Better for patrons I guess, they don’t need to worry about bringing a wallet or purse out with them for the night,” Ms La Rovere said.

“Obviously because they’re coming to a licensed premises they still need to make sure they have their valid photo ID with them.”

The wristbands hold a waterproof RFID chip inside that can be worn over the three-day festival.

The wristbands will not only be used to purchase food and drinks, but will also act as a festival pass for patrons to enter and exit the grounds.

Ms La Rovere said this would be the first time they’ll be trialling the wristbands at the festival and will have a team present to troubleshoot any issues.

Inside The Palace Hotel cash and cards can still be used.

“It’s a slow phasing for everyone to get their head around it,” Ms La Rovere said.

“I know if anyone’s been to WOMADelaide the world music festival, that’s what they’re all doing these days, you can pay by card or wristband.

“Hopefully I think what they’ll see is transactions will be a lot quicker, so our service should run a little faster.”

Each staff member will have a little mini till, where patrons will be able to swipe their wristbands to make payments.

“They’ll also be able to check how much credit they’ve got on their wristband,” Ms La Rovere said.

Attendees will be able to grab their wristbands when picking up or purchasing tickets at the ticket office next door to hotel today at 10am.

Wristbands can be loaded up at the ticket office or through the recharge station in the outdoor area.

Patrons can load up credit onto to wristbands or refund money off the wristbands into cash or on their card.

The initial set-up fee for the wristbands will cost $2, however every credit recharge after will be free.

Festival goers have until Monday to get refunds at the ticket office.

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