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Working life in the Silver City

Thursday, 19th September, 2019

Tia Osman experiencing life at The Silly Goat. PICTURE: Maddison Bassett-White Tia Osman experiencing life at The Silly Goat. PICTURE: Maddison Bassett-White

By Maddison Bassett-White

Currently, Year 10 students from Willyama High School are spread across town for work experience.

For the past week-and-a-half they have been in one or two businesses gaining life skills and testing out what careers they may want to pursue in the future. 

Tia Osman is doing her work experience at The Silly Goat Cafe. While there, she is working with customer service through waitressing and socialising with new people and is also doing jobs out in the kitchen area such as washing dishes and cooking, which Tia said she found rather enjoyable.

She didn’t originally choose the Silly Goat for work experience, but when her first choices didn’t work out, Tia tried the cafe because of the nice and vibrant atmosphere she knew it had from her past visits.

Tia said working there had been a great experience and was not at all what she expected.

“I ended up liking it a lot better than I thought I would, and I really like it.”

Over her time there, Tia has said that the most enjoyable part of working there for her has been the social aspect of waitressing when she gets the chance to have a chat to some of her friends and family when they pop in for a coffee, and meeting new and interesting people.

Though this is not something Tia wants to pursue later in life as a full time career, she has expressed that she would consider working at a place like Silly Goat as a secondary job because of her positive experiences while being there. 

Jordan Fisher has been doing her work experience at Hello World Travel.

While she has been there, Jordan has been working with computer applications, filing, and photography for Hello World merchandise, and for booklets from when they sent her out on bus tours.

She has even done some travel bookings of her own.

Jordan said that she chose Hello World Travel Agency for her work experience because of her love for travelling. She and her family have travelled to places around America, Fiji, Europe and more.

“I like travel stuff a lot, so I wanted to see how this worked for me,” she said.

Jordan said she has enjoyed the interesting learning experiences she has been given and has had a really good time at Hello World Travel. She believes that she may have a career in the travel industry later in life.

For the two weeks of work experience, Ben Remmert has been at Adkins Value Hardware.

Ben has been working with customer service and general retail skills through talking to and helping the customers that come into Adkins, and restocking the shelves.

He decided that he wanted to do work experience there because of his love for things involving hardware.

Ben said that while working there he has had an overall great experience at Adkins, with the job and what it entails, and people that he works with and serves.

Ben said that he isn’t really sure exactly what he wants to do in the future but because of his work at Adkins, a job like this is a definite possibility for consideration.

Though work experience is nearly over, Ben will not be leaving Adkins. Because of his hard work and can-do attitude, a part time job has been offered to him.

Ella Hosking and Devin Vine have been at the Broken Hill City Library for their work experience.

While there they have had a large variety of jobs which they found surprising. Not only were they serving customers, cleaning and sorting the books but they found themselves doing jobs like deliveries to people who are housebound or who are just outside Broken Hill (Outback Deliveries), archives, assisting with activities such as Toddler Time, Baby Bounce, Computer Club, and even decorated the library for Broken Heel and Drag Queen Story Hour.

Devin and Ella decided to go to the library for their work experience when Devin’s mum suggested that going to the library may be an interesting and different option for them. Over their time at the library they have found it all very enjoyable.

“The experience has sort of attuned me to life outside of school,” said Devin.

Ella favoured doing the outback deliveries whereas Devin more so enjoyed doing archives and both of them rather liked the front desk work.

They have said that they don’t think that this career choice is what they will follow in the future but they have enjoyed it thoroughly nonetheless.

Overall, work experience looks as though to been going well and the year 10 students from Willyama High School seem to be having good experiences and many interesting learning opportunities being given to them.

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