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Chucking a big lap

Friday, 20th September, 2019

Rob Everett and Noel McIntosh with Noel’s 1937 Riley Lynx that they are doing a lap of NSW in. PICTURE: Emily McInerney Rob Everett and Noel McIntosh with Noel’s 1937 Riley Lynx that they are doing a lap of NSW in. PICTURE: Emily McInerney

By Emily McInerney

An 80-year-old car and two men enjoying a lap around the state - what an adventure.

That’s what Noel McIntosh and Rob Everett are doing, and they stopped at Broken Hill yesterday.

The adventure re-enacts the journeys of pre-war motoring pioneers in an aim to revive the excitement and unpredictability of “vintage” motoring.

This will be a 15-day challenge of 5000km around the perimeter of NSW.

The pair are enjoying no daily deadlines or convoy, just a 1937 Riley Lynx on its own.

“We’re having a great time,” Noel said yesterday.

“We’ve just come from Eden which has had a lot of rain, it’s all green up there.

“So it’s interesting to watch that change as you come down.”

They’ve enjoyed seeing the sights of Broken Hill as well.

“It’s been an easy trip, we can do about 300 to 400 kilometres a day,” Noel said.

“It’s an open car, so we’re getting all the smells, colours, the wind.”

They have been travelling with the top down for most of the way.

Despite having to rebuild the engine twice, it is going smoothly at the moment.

“The lap we are doing is an adventure similar to what the pre-war motoring pioneers did,” Noel said.

“In those days, you didn’t have a showroom to sell a car.

“You had to show the car was worthy by the distances it could drive.

“It would have been an amazing adventure.

“It’s not fast travel, it’s about 75 kilometres an hour.”

They are very happy with how well it travels and the weather they have enjoyed.

The pair decided to do the lap of NSW to coincide with their car club’s 75th anniversary.

“It’s the Vintage Sports Car Club of Australia’s 75th year,” Rob said.

“For the 60th anniversary, we travelled around the outside of Australia in a 1913 Vauxall that Noel owns.

“It was a 35-day jaunt.”

Noel said they wanted to be able to show that the Lynx could still cover the same distances.

“Another big thing for us was to support someone else; we thought the Fred Hollows Foundation would be a great one.

“A big feature for this trip will be raising money for the Fred Hollows Foundation.

“It’s a worthy cause.”

To donate, visit: fundraise.hollows.org/fundraisers/VSCCALapNoelRob/vscca-75th-anniversary-lap-of-nsw-2019

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